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  1. Yeah, a wazzock….and a traitor, and treasonous. and a non-patriot, and a petulant child and more because I am not a Trump cheerleader…..

    But the good news? I’m no longer a racist misogynist homophobic bigot!!

    I say I may even vote for him, and I get called out for not having his bumper sticker on my truck and loving everything he does. To many of his supporters, any negative discussion about anything he does or says is promoting hiliary and I should suffer instant death like any other traitor.

    Sad times….

  2. @Menderman –
    re: your 1st post. Amen, brother. I can count the number of times in my life that I’ve voted for someone on the fingers of one hand. And it was the same guy each time.

    re: your 2nd post. Amen again. I will in all likelihood vote for Trump but not because I believe he will do any particular good, but rather because I believe he will do harm to people and things I want very much to see harmed. That’s a hell of a reason to vote for someone, isn’t it?

  3. I too will vote for Trump. Like it or not, I have no idea how much he can be trusted or how much of his braggadocio can be believed, but if he can accomplish just 5% of what he says he’ll do he’s still 1,000% better than the bitch who will gladly steal everything that isn’t nailed down or the life-long Commie Parasite who will gladly give away everything he doesn’t own! I’d say that’s definitely a vote against the democRats!

  4. Mendo. You are neither a wazzock or any of the horrible names you called yourself. We are all in the same boat. But stopping Killary is a must. I. personally have no problem with Trump, or any republican for that matter, except Romney, who I wish would just go away.

  5. simple logic …. it’s either Hillary… or not Hillary …. those are our only choices
    simple logic …. the only person that has even the remotest chance of beating Hillary is Trump … is there any disagreement here? can you logically convince me, or yourself, that someone else at this stage can defeat the Dragon?
    we can beat our chests & say we are ‘patriots’ & claim the ‘higher ground’ when, in fact, all we are doing is capitulating while proclaiming our greater nobility …. pulleeze,….. sanctimony is so unbecoming… it don’t feed the bulldog anymore…

    we have one choice …. Hillary.. or not Hillary … & ‘not Hillary’ is Trump
    … simple logic

  6. The NY Conservative Party has just endorsed Trump. That is a kick in the ass to National Review, whose founder, Bill Buckley was also a founder of the New York Conservative Party

  7. I’m Canadian…I can’t vote…the only positive (I want this person in power) votes on the US elections during my lifetime (should I have had he option) would have gone to Reagan…both terms.

  8. His definition of the term, “Islamophobia” was worth remembering and repeating…..OFTEN.

    “Islamophobia is the PC propagandist shovel given to the West so that we can dig our own graves.”

  9. I love Pat. He has such a way with words. I once read that he does not write and memorize his diatribes, that they’re off the cuff. He’s brilliant.

  10. I only disagree with Pat on one point – democracy is not what is needed, a strong Republic is what is needed.

    A Republic where your rights cannot be taken away just because the majority has voted to take them away from you.

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