“…I want to be clear. I’m not going nuts.”

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  1. I believe my “lying eyes” and not the “Water Carrying Whores for the Democrats” in the Fake News Media.

    Demented Biden, you are a corrupt, vile, disgusting pedophile pervert, who is senile, going downhill, and about to reach terminal velocity in your decent both mentally and morally.

    Anyone who votes for you is not a fellow American. Please leave! Our wall only keeps invaders out.

  2. Somebody should mash up a debate between Pelosi and Biden. She’s just as far around the bend as Joe, she’s not just potentially dangerous with a powerful position and she’s third in line for the Presidency.

  3. Oh Joey, you’ve already arrived there. The going is long over. The only good news for you is, you have a lot of fellow traveler companions.

  4. If Biden is elected will Russia attack Estonia first or will China attack Taiwan first? Seriously, putting an obviously impaired elderly man at the head of the US military will invite opportunistic invasions by nations that believe themselves stronger.

  5. Foster Brooks was 95% more intelligible when doing his “act”. That ain’t no act.

    Remember, every time you see Joe that’ll be the best you’ll ever see him again.

  6. This belongs in the sarcasm Hall of Fame:
    Gracious Trump suggests delating election until Dems find a candidate who can form
    Coherent sentences. Babylon Bee

  7. Pedo Joe will not be the nominee, he will be replaced by Hillezibub at the convention. The VP pick has been postponed because the Lizard Queen demanded a delay.

    He will give up the race for the Bitch from Chappaqua, he was never anything other than a placeholder and acts like it.

  8. Joe evidence shows you are desperately trying to avoid going to baggage claim. A clear indication you’re at your destination.

  9. Watching videos of Biden trying to talk is like watching “A Bad Lip Reading” but it’s real! (Someone should do a Bad Lip Reading of Biden!!)

  10. “…I want to be clear. I’m not going nuts.”

    Nah Joey – you ain’t GOIN’ there; you STARTED there!

    Back in the late ’60’s! 😳

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