‘I Was Told Not To Answer Questions’

Blue State Conservative – Nobody can ever remember a sitting President telling anyone that he was told not to answer questions. Nobody can ever remember a sitting President whose staff had little confidence in allowing him to engage with the press and answer questions. That is until President Joe Biden. Joe Biden was elected President by hunkering down in his basement for the duration of the campaign. He had little contact with the press, traveled rarely, and usually only in Delaware and Pennsylvania.

I suspect the travel was because he came from Scranton and lived in Greenville, a suburb of Wilmington. He was familiar with his surroundings and could tell the time-tested stories of Joe from Scranton or Amtrak Joe. It made him appear genuine to his followers and lazy to his critics. But it worked. It got Joe elected President and Kamala Harris Vice President without ever vetted by the press or facing the public. Neither of them was tested, which is why we are in the conundrum we find ourselves in today. We have a mentally challenged President and an immature and poorly prepared Vice President.

We are nearly at the end of the first year of the Biden Presidency, and when it comes to press and public exposure to Joe Biden, not much has changed. Joe continues to be sheltered from questions, and Kamala proves inept to face the same. more

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  1. Waiting for Nancy Pelosi memoirs entitled “The Stolen Presidency and I helped.” Forward by Chuckles Schumer and Adam Schriff.

  2. He’s a puppet.
    Kamel-Ho is a place holder (dick holster).
    Both are traitorous usurpers.
    Every once in a while one of them accidentally says something factual.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  3. Biden is nothing more than a shrunken figuredhead impostor whose rep for chronic lying and crookedness was useful to the dung heap swamp, globalists, big pharma, and Fauci/Collins collaborators.

  4. Not that I have an iota of sympathy for the commie cabal in the WH but can you imagine having a pants dumping senile pedophile as your boss?

    Every careful strategy you have planned so hard for goes sideways everytime this imbecile is behind a microphone.

    The Pedo was always a deeply stupid and insecure man but his obvious dementia is the reason they keep his stumbling ass on such a tight lease with Dr Jill as his hover cover.

    Even then the dipshit agrees to fuck himself.

    Its gotta be driving them bat shit crazy and man do the deserve it.

  5. I’m surprised he can remember he was told not to answer any questions.
    Maybe all that time in his basement, they were teaching him to remember that.

  6. Like Tony Bennett, Joe Biden can perform the rote duties he has performed over and over again for the past half century with little to no indication of diminished faculties. Allow him to perform anything other than those rote duties—anything that requires actual cognitive function—and those diminished faculties become blindingly obvious.

  7. Imagine the media storm if any Republican President said that, even once. Let alone the repeated uses by this Resident.

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