I Will Try My Best Not To

This picture is why I feel #NeverTrump is a despicable movement if Donald Trump should win the primary.

Our military’s commander-in-chief will be a person who should rot in hell for what she did and how she lied about it, and #NeverTrump would subject our finest to the indignity of being led by this bitch, and for completely irrational reasons.Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 12.17.02 AM

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  1. All NeverTrump types are fifth column stalinists pretending to be conservatives, with whom none of us should give the time of day.

    Same goes for all NeverCruz types, at least three of whom posted (post?) here quite often. They added nothing but bile to any conversation they were in. I know it’s your site BFH but you allowed both kinds to post here long after they made the point of how dangerous they are, and I still can’t figure why unless it was just for clicks.

  2. I am a long time supporter of Ted Cruz, I backed his insurgency when he took a Senate seat away from Big Gov Rino who had the election in the bag, with everything except the votes.

    The powers that be (especially the republican establishment) HATED the man we the people sent to the Senate. I would have joyfully supported and voted for Cruz as President, but it is not going to happen. Even if Cruz is able to keep Trump from reaching 1237 before the convention, the establishment will install THEIR candidate and that candidate will NEVER be Cruz.

    The best thing Cruz can do for his party, the country and the Constitution is to stop his campaign, endorse Trump and start working for a republican win in November.

    While I have no doubt that a Trump Presidency will not be one that conservatives love, it will be one that America will survive. That can NOT be said of a Killary Presidency.

    For all of the “Never Trump” people out there, would you rather see America fail rather than see President Trump?

    We live in a generation of self absorbed, self centered short sighted people. One group wants everything given to them without cost and the other group wants political purity without sacrifice. Both could care less about the world that their children will have to live in because of their selfish desires.

    MSG Grumpy

  3. Waiting for the day the little boy tells TheDonald® he’s nekkid, just like he told the king.
    Sorry to burst your bubble grool, but I’m not a fifth column stalinist– and my conservative credentials are a lot more bonafide than your guy’s–but when it comes to Trump®, if you’re not for him, you’re only good for the firing squad, I guess.

  4. No gov, that’s not the point.
    #NeverTrump has to look past blocking Trump and give a lucid argument as to how Trump is worse than Hillary.
    I haven’t heard one yet.
    I’ve heard all sorts of reasons as to why people who support Trump are doing so – they’re angry. they’re stupid…
    That’s great.
    Good theories. All valid.

    But if they fail in their effort to block Trump from the nomination they are faced with aiding and abetting a Hillary presidency if they continue their campaign against Trump.

    Now they have to make their argument to back up their actions.
    Dare I say they are continuing this campaign because they are angry and they are stupid?

  5. I must be missing something because I pretty much only see the NeverCruz types at CTH whereas the TDS runs high here.

    As rotten an insider as Cruz is, I’d take him anyday over any REgressive, especially Hillary.

    My girl and I, both of us in our mid 60s, are seriously considering heading out if she is elected.

  6. BFH Trump himself is a #nevercruz, and he claims most of his supporters are also. Proof of that was posted here just a few days ago.
    The whole #nevertrump ‘movement’ was a reaction to Trump’s #neveranybodyelse rhetoric.
    The very same rules that put Lincoln in as nominee are assailed here as proof that an ‘elite’ has taken over the Republican party.

    As you know, my main beef with Trump relates to how he views our military. Yeah, he pays lip service to them, even Hillary does that, but his actual proposals show that he holds what is a familiar disdain.

  7. Mr. Trump and Sen. Cruz need to end their puerile pissing contest and join forces (perhaps after the primaries) to defeat the socialists – Clinton, Sanders, the DNC, and the RNC.

    Our very existence hangs in the balance.

    izlamo delenda est …
    socializmo delenda est …

  8. a lot of Republicans have been complicit with Hillary–McCain, Graham, etc. And they get a pass. That is what is appealing about Trump–he is our best bet to neuter those traitorous Republicans

  9. All the team spirit during the primaries is just fine. The respect each team displays or lack there of, for each other goes a long way to swaying my respect for the team leader, who will get my vote.

    -I’ve had more than enough of a leader who bullies, allows personal ‘hurts’ to sway his and my country’s treatment and respect for others.
    -I’ve had more than enough of the bullying tactics and the misuse of given and taken powers, to silence or punish people, organizations, and countries that do not lock step to his whims.
    -I’ve had more than enough of a president that curries and encourages criminals, ILLEGAL ALIENS, communist countries, genocidal governments, disrespects our military, and allows terrorists to continue their rampaging genocide.
    -I’ve had more than enough of a self-servicing, pompous, ignorant, poorly educated, decency busting, vacationing, money spending, exceedingly arrogant, bully as a president.

    The second to the last thing I want to see, is a continuation of the liberal dismantling of America.

    The absolutely last thing I want to see is a life-long, nasty, foul mouthed, criminal who along with her family, has raped America way too many times and in so many ways, and has bought, threatened, bribed, obfuscated, lied, and bullied her way out of prosecution. That woman needs to be in jail.


  10. My concern is Hillary.

    Let’s put this in perspective.
    #NeverTrump started long before #NeverCruz.

    If I haven’t caught up on skewering #NeverCruz it’s because other than Trump claiming “his people” would never vote for Cruz, I am not seeing media outlets join forces and have any sort of #NeverCruz message or threat.
    Breitbart, as in the tank they are for Trump, has not messaged a #NeverCruz position.

    So this “they are doing it too” attitude from Cruz people is weak sauce.
    There is a legitimate #NeverTrump movement amongst the media and big players and politicians.

    If Cruz gets the nomination I will be as forceful and vociferous against any NeverCruz people as any NeverTrump people.

    Anyone working any angle whatsoever that gives an edge to Hillary is my mortal enemy. PERIOD.

  11. Trump very recently said he doesn’t need my vote. He even hinted that he doesn’t want my vote. He hates lyin’ Ted and his supporters he says.

    Trump has some serious problems. 75% of women won’t vote for him, 81% of Hispanics say the same. Over 1/2 the country is #NeverTrump whether they publicly say it or not.

    Trump has 6 months to turn the #NeverTrump crowd around, and if he can’t, that’s his fault, not mine.

    BYW, Cruz has publicly stated many times that should Trump win the nomination, he will support him. Can you say the same about Trump? No, you can’t.

  12. But Cruz comes at this from a position that is a little ridiculous.

    He expects to go to the convention with half the delegates Trump has, with half of the amount of total votes countrywide, walk out of the convention with the nomination (and I’ll stipulate, legally) and thinks he will get the full support of the people?

    You’re kidding, right?
    You don’t even need the existence of #NeverCruz or #NeverTrump to know that Cruz’s name will be Mudd amongst many voters.

    Also, you seem to be rationalizing your coming #neverTrump position by saying “they’d do it too” and not addressing how wrong it is.

    That is the point, not this schoolyard bullshit.

    If Trump gets the nomination and you help Hillary you can’t sit there self-satisfied thinking “I’m only doing what the Trump people would be doing.”

    No, you’re respinsible for your own actions and you’d be assisting Hillary.
    You’re a real patriot helping that murderous cunt into the oval office.

    All this talk about people leaving the country if Trump is president, and I don’t hear a peep out of people like Andrew Fucking Klavan saying what he’ll do if Hillary is president.

    All of you turn my stomach.

  13. You are asking me to vote for a guy that wants to nuke up Japan and South Korea. You are asking me to vote for the guy that said Bush lied about WMD’s in Iraq so he could start a war. You are asking me to vote for the guy that said my state is stupid for not allowing men to shower with little girls. You are asking me to vote for the guy that loves the idea of the government taking my property to give to a rich guy that wants to make “better” use of it.

    Yes, Hillary sucks and should rot in jail until she joins FDR. The thought of her being president is sickening. But how do I vote for a man that has policies that are so immoral and unjust?

    I don’t think I can toss out that many principles and vote for him. Like I said, he has 6 months to convince me.

    And remember, last week I called for Cruz to quit, let Trump get the nomination. We will need Cruz in 2020, and if he does not quit before the convention, his career is over.

  14. TO MSG Grumpy

    There’s a very good chance – and a VERY GOOD REASON – the GOP Establishment (GOPe) would finagle a Cruz “victory” nomination (which would be only a Pyrrhic Victory), only in part to stop Trump:

    In the General Election, millions upon millions of Democrat and Independent crossover voters (not to mention the Trump supporting GOP Base) would walk away from Cruz, giving America a President Clinton.

    This gives the GOPe the advantage of being able to not only
    save face (i.e. salvaging a chance of viability as a political Party in the future) by projecting blame, but also being able to say, “See? A conservative can NEVER win!”

    With Trump out of the way, the GOPe can maintain the Status Quo of control of power by having their Democrat elite “relative” Hillary win…

  15. You are going to get zero wants from Hillary, and 100s of ABSOLUTELY DO NOT WANTS from her, all from a woman who belongs behind bars.

    But stand on your principles. We certainly do not want a guy who says stupid things as opposed to a woman who HAS DONE treasonous things.

    I don’t buy your argument. It’s weak.

  16. Yeah, let me get right behind the guy that basically told me I’m an idiot liar and he doesn’t need my vote. Hell, he even said he really doesn’t want my vote.

    I’m doing what he has asked for. Talk to him about that.

  17. He called NeverTrump people idiots and liars.
    If the shoe fits…

    Break this down.
    Trump is saying that he does not want the vote of someone saying they will never vote for him under any circumstances.
    What else should he say?

    To say, “I’m not voting for him” because he said he doesn’t want the vote of someone saying they will never vote for him under any circumstances is pretty ridiculous reasoning.

    Can’t you see the folly of using that as an excuse to not vote for him?

  18. BFH wrote,

    ” #NeverTrump has to look past blocking Trump and give a lucid argument as to how Trump is worse than Hillary.
    I haven’t heard one yet.”

    Because there isn’t one.

    Trump may be a liar and a fraud. Maybe. I suspect he is, at the very least, duplicitous and not completely genuine.

    Many are convinced that the exact same thing can be said for Cruz. I grant that. Only God can see the motives of a heart.

    Yet how many reasons have NeverCruzers given to explain how Cruz could possibly be worse than Clinton? NONE. Never once here have they done so, that I’ve seen. They don’t even bother to try.

    There is at least one pro-Trump poster here, who goes by a female handle, who REFUSED repeated requests to affirm or deny she’d vote for Cruz if he’s it. Three times I asked, three times she ignored the question…and that was after I said I’d vote for Trump if he’s it. So I figure “her” for a paid Clintonist. She’s not the only one here who appears to be such.

    Show me a supposed conservative who won’t say why ANY Republican would be better in the face of a Clinton presidency and I’ll show you a Clintonist. What alternative is there, apart from random drive-by troll?

    If you’re not going to tolerate evasive NeverTrump trolls, you have my applause. Just please also refuse to tolerate the evasive NeverCruz trolls as well.

  19. grool, can you show me the
    GOP/GOPmedia’s “nevercruz” activity?

    Because I’ve only heard of RedState, Resurgent, Daily Wire/Shapiro, Doug Ross, etc etc and the GOP Establishment (e.g. Colorado GOP) doing the open and public #NeverTrump thing.

    That’s because it doesn’t exist.
    Plenty of anti-Cruz folks, to be sure.

    It is YOUR baby, so OWN IT.
    Trying to say “you guys who don’t like Cruz are JUST AS BAD!” is really sad and weak.


    Trump is winning and, if he gets the nomination, he will have

    If Cruz gets the nomination, after the shenanigans of his, of the State GOPs and National GOP, and hundreds upon hundreds of TURNCOAT/TROJAN delegates, so be it. Then Cruz gains the nomination as 2016 GOP candidate.


    (not just Republicans, but Blacks, Hispanics, Independents and disaffected Dems)

    But, at least you’ll have maintained that (CLASSIC REPUBLICAN) “moral [sic] high ground” in DEFEAT.

    To make changes, you first have to WIN the position through which you can do so. But you’d rather point fingers in defeat.

    I for one have had enough of that sh!t.

  20. I agree with you whole-heartedly Grool.
    We did a poll and asked people to identify themselves as NeverCruzers.
    I don’t think there were 2 votes.
    If someone remembers, please tell me.
    I do not remember it being significant enough to be distressed.

    And, again, I don’t know of any news outlets, politicians or pacs that are vowing to be NEVERCRUZers AFTER Cruz wins the primary.
    That is the key factor.
    I don’t begrudge anyone being a NeverTrumper before the convention.
    The tale of the tape is what these people do after it’s Hillary versus Trump.

    Helping Hillary is blasphemy, no matter what “egregious” Trump actions one can muster.

    “He said South Korea and Japan should arm themselves with nukes to defend themselves from China and North Korea!!!!!!!!”

    “He supports Kelo!!” (I loathe Kelo. Tell me what Cruz is going to do about Kelo.)

    “He said Bush lied!”

    “He said he didn’t agree with my states decision!” (Even though he would, correctly, do nothing at all about whatever the state’s decision was.)

    On the spreadsheet this is laughably weak compared to the spreadsheet I can prepare with Hillary.
    Not even close.
    It makes one look deranged if these are the excuses for allowing Hillary to become CiC.

  21. “But, at least you’ll have maintained that (CLASSIC REPUBLICAN) “moral [sic] high ground” in DEFEAT.

    To make changes, you first have to WIN the position through which you can do so. But you’d rather point fingers in defeat.”

    I’ve said all along I’ll vote for Trump if he’s it. You can’t ask more of me than what I can do. No idea why you’re going all Captain Keyboard on me.

  22. Partisanship asisde for a moment, that poor Marine is going to get court-martialled. Best we keep some sunlight on him and make sure both Trump and Cruz are aware of how far out on a limb this guy has gone for them.

  23. Don’t forget, I have said many times that I intend to end my public #NeverTrump position once a nominee is elected.

    That by no means I will vote for him, but I have zero intention of protesting him.

    He gets 6 months do earn my vote.


    @Grool, I am pretty sure that part of BFH’s comment was directed at me, not you.

  24. I firmly believe that if Trump wins, we lose the House and Senate in 2018, and lose again in 2020.We will lose the White House in 2020 to the likes of Elizabeth Warren. Can you imagine what our world will look like with Warren and a super majority?

    Trumps spoken positions are horrendous…if you can figure out what they are.

    What is he offering me?

  25. Menderman – I looked at the poll 24 hours later. It didn’t have that much activity.

    The real poll comes AFTER the primary.
    All this other banter is meaningless and just talk.

    I haven’t held one thing against anyone that has their choice this primary.
    I don’t care if you were supporting Huckabee.
    It’s your right.

    It’s also your right to do whatever you want after the GOP arrives at their candidate.
    But what you do characterizes you for what you are at that point.

  26. Grool,
    it’s tense out there, and understandably so.
    I was accused on twitter of being a leftist and iotwreport being a leftist site.
    Because Pinko makes pro-Trump/anti-Cruz videos.

    I was smeared through association with a guy that isn’t a leftist and has taken a hiatus from iOTWreport until this election is settled.

  27. My comment, that I copied and pasted here, was the same day as that post. I only brought it up because you asked about it.

    #NeverCruz is stronger here than #NeverTrump. Also, all you have to do to get vile threats and name calling by a few here is to say you favor Cruz over Trump. 3 regulars even suggested my early death would make them happy because I support Cruz. Other Cruz supporters that say they will hold their nose and vote for Trump get similar treatment, and these people call me angry and bitter?

    They apparently are suffering some form of TDS: Trump Defense Syndrome”

  28. Menderman,

    There IS NO #NeverCruz.
    Is there?

    I mean, like RedState, Resurgent, Daily Wire/Shapiro, Doug Ross, etc etc and the GOP Establishment (e.g. Colorado GOP) have been active and open about their #NeverTrump thing.

    That’s the only equivalency *I* care about.

    While it’s flattering you consider the Trump supporters here as powerful, influential etc etc as those aforementioned folks, I think you’re fooling yourself. Ye olde Powers That Be ARE “all in” for Cruz at this point, as well as trashing Trump.

    Two sides of the same coin, from their perspective.

    NOT NECESSARILY – I might add – because they *love* Cruz. As grool suggested, the GOPe hates both Trump and Cruz…with ONE IMPORTANT DISTINCTION:

    they fear that Trump will WIN,


    they would LOVE to see Cruz LOSE.

  29. Czar, that’s true. Now follow it up with this question: of the two, which man at this point seems more likely to get along/go along with the establishment (which, let’s keep in mind, will remain THE establishment, THE power, until it all burns down)? More precisely, which one is the establishment more likely to come around to feeling comfortable enough dealing with?

    Answer, for what it’s worth: not Cruz.

    But this is all academic, most likely.

  30. TO grool

    Fair enough question…which I honestly think is best answered with a rhetorical question and an observation:


    (Barring the notion of an absolute REVOLUTION, in which case, all seated government members are ousted…)

    …wouldn’t you agree (regardless of Trump or Cruz) that – in order to accomplish your “agenda” from the Executive Branch – it is necessary to be able to PERSUADE members of the Legislative Branch?

    THAT is Trump’s bread and butter,
    whereas Cruz’s M.O.is confrontation/defiance
    (which sounds nice but, in reality,
    accomplishes little to nothing…SEE HIS RECORD).


    NOW: when you say “go along to get along” it sounds like you’re talking about spineless scum such as RYAN, BOEHNER, McCONNELL etc etc.; I think you’ll agree.

    I do NOT see Trump fitting into that category, do you?!?

    Yet, while Cruz’s “persona” is “principled” (and therefore steadfast), I see his BEHAVIOR not following through when it really counts…to me, he seems like a “do as I say, not as I do” kind of hypocrite.


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