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“I Wonder What Would Happen If…”

CTH: Jumpin’ ju-ju bones, Neil Oliver is going to that place publicly and loudly, that many of us have contemplated and discussed quietly with hushed tones and knowing nods.

What Oliver outlines in this monologue does not need much discussion amid the audience awaiting its arrival.  After all, he is basically discussing the logical consequence to the current state of political affairs not only in the U.K but also in the United States.  However, that said, it is rather remarkable in the era of government sponsored fear of rebellion, complete with labels of domestic extremism attached, to see Oliver’s voice bravely citing the outcome.

With 87,000 new IRS agents authorized by the regime quietly assembling for their assault, as Oliver notes, “there is nothing to fear if we have each other” and are willing to stand the gap as an ally for our fellow man.  What Oliver is saying is profound, true and could – in the most significant of ways, lead to a new beginning.  Yes, it is talk of a united rebellion, and that’s exactly what we need.  MORE

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  1. It will be interesting to see how much push-back the States will give the Fed Gov and the Globalist Elite. If the States fail to go full Article 5 Convention it will indeed be up to the people. These Commie bastards are not going to take no for an answer. Godless Bastards will have to be dealt with.

  2. What Oliver is saying is profound, true and could – in the most significant of ways, lead to a new beginning.

    I must leave it to others to decide if (they think) Neil Oliver is rooting for the best side. I won’t rule out it being his truth.

    The idea that what he supports is new, can possibly be a beginning (as a course “correction” to what lies were sold), is absurd.

    Of course, such absurd calls for “change” (not that “change” is absurd, but the “calls”), would be broadcast — publicly, broadly — is… let’s just call it “absurd”.

  3. dman, I’m convinced that an Article 5 Convention would be the biggest mistake we could make. There is no way in hell that any provision we can come up with will be any more enforced than what is currently taking place with the ignoring of our existing Constitution! All we need to do is enforce what we already have.

  4. @Brad November 26, 2022 at 11:48 pm

    > If left uninterpreted. They wrote what they meant.

    We see dead people.

  5. The bureaucrats and other tax- sucking parasites live among us. While they are enriching themselves at our expense, they are not at home protecting their families, and we know where they live. Just food for thought.

  6. Joe6pack,,, I understand your view but how do we fix what we already have. Votes? Yeah, right. Guns? Let’s try the only other peaceful alternative first, which is a A-5 convention. Who says we have to change the content of the Constitution? Just fire the Fed Gov and start over.
    And Fnuck son of Fnord. Duh,,, just duh.

  7. I have been listening to Neil Oliver since I found him during lockdown.
    He speaks the truth:
    We owe them nothing.
    They should be afraid of us.
    Let’s roll!

  8. Rebellion. Squashed like spoiled fruit. A-5? Fire the Fed & start all over? Again a coup/rebellion with the added purge. If you guys want practice Putin needs moe boots on the ground in the Ukraine. Man up BOYS! Little boys always love war games until it happens in real life.

  9. Hey, IRS, track down ChickenCheeks and make sure he pays taxes on all that money he claims to make. Audit his ass for the past 7 years. Maybe then he’ll keep his bogus get-rich-quick schemes on some other website.

  10. Who to trust though.
    Since the evil empire has made a point of seeding distrust of fellow man, and seeing the yahoos in & on the news, it’s tough to know.
    Do you think the dimwits trusted the feds who ‘influenced’ them into a Whitless kidnapping plot?

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