I Wuv My Mommy

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12 Eugenia (Abra and her babies)

The rest of the images are courtesy of pixabay.com

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Use ‘Critters‘ in the subject line. Include your screen name in the body of the email. Tell me the name of your critter so I can include it with your screen name. Let us know in the comments any other info you want to share!

Baby critters
Bath time
Lunch time


12 Comments on I Wuv My Mommy

  1. To all the Mothers, enjoy your day. We kids know you earned it. To all the Muthers, got nothing for you.

  2. Happy Mother’s Day Mom

    My mother is a great example of motherhood. She:
    • Knew Jesus in her heart
    • Worshiped her creator
    • Honored her husband
    • Showed her love for her family thru all she did for us thru the years.
    I had a wonderful childhood.

  3. The piggy pic reminds me of the time when I tried to steal a piglet. I was in the third grade, visiting a friend’s farm, and we wanted a piglet so that we could feed it with a baby bottle, just like Fern in the story, “Charlotte’s Web.” I think we also had other sinister plans to dress the poor piglet in doll clothes, just as we had done earlier that day to some feral kittens wandering the farm. Anyway, the momma pig got so angry when she heard her baby squeal for help, she chased me right out of my shoes! Can’t imagine what would have happened if she had caught me! I had to let the piglet go in order to escape the pissed-off momma pig. I guess this is actually a good Mother’s Day story…Happy Mother’s Day to all moms who so fiercely protect their babes!

  4. Dear Mom,
    Dowd says Nicolles brain is scrambled.
    Hawaii volcano proves geosplitsville in West Coast.
    New crack spews molten msnbc ash.
    Liberal Residents shaken by audible tremors.
    Series of quakes rattle California mental deserts.
    Jimmy Kimmel Upfront and APPle Abe Honest,
    On Decoding La La Land Oscars by Moonlight.
    McFaul just spilled a few Beans
    Happy Mothers Day
    U.C. Dweller


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