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ICE mistakenly shares 6,000 asylum seekers’ identity on website

JTN: Immigration and Customs Enforcement has acknowledged haven mistakenly shared on its website the identities of 6,252 asylum seekers

The information that was shared on the website included birthdays, nationalities, detention locations, and case numbers, ICE said in a statement Wednesday. 

According to the Los Angeles Times, many of the asylum seekers whose information was shared are fleeing persecution from their home countries such as Iran, Russia and China. MORE

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  1. Ooops

    In Other OT News

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  2. RE: 30 minutes X 2

    If you wandering, cold and hungry
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    Also, when they cold cut to the UK ambassadore
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    If you can’t stomach it or are kind of full
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    Staying Tooned

  3. The idiot Fed’s don’t have to tell us where they are as they are everywhere you go! Like a plague of locusts they are in the stores, schools, hospitals, parks, restaurants, welfare offices, drivers license bureaus, etc!


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