ICE: Sanctuary State California Released Illegal Aliens Charged with Murder, Rape


U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement released a report detailing how far the state of California goes to protect illegal immigrants from deportation even after they have been charged with crimes against Americans.

The report, extensively outlined by Breitbart, reveals the sanctuary state “routinely” released illegal aliens charged with drunk driving. California also released an illegal alien who was arrested for drug possession–one month later that same alien was arrested for murder and is currently in ICE custody. Those charged with rape have also been released.

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10 Comments on ICE: Sanctuary State California Released Illegal Aliens Charged with Murder, Rape

  1. Only way this doesn’t end with a massive pitchfork march on a state capital is either (a) most “citizens” believe the odds are miniscule that they’ll ever suffer anything from an illegal so the liberal goodfeelz are worth the small risk, (b) they’re so wealthy that they feel (and probably are) better insulated than most and don’t care about anyone else’s safety, or (c) they’re just literally stupid and/or insane. Or all three. Nothing else explains how people can KNOW this and yet not act.

  2. This isn’t compassion, empathy or being humane. This is building the militant arm of the Left to go out and commit murder, mayhem and crimes in order to instigate chaos! Maybe if it’s an army they want, then the Army they shall have! We’re gettin closer to workin up a number 6 on California, but in the mean time, just cut them off the Federal spigot!

  3. California wants to be their own country. OK good luck, but don’t come crying to us when you collapse. We’ll restore order only if the state leaders get looooong prison terms. Is it a deal?

  4. Outright and literal obstruction of justice.

    Not that anyone will do anything to prosecute it, or probably even mention it.

  5. It’s reached the point of complete insanity. Where would you even start to try an explain this.
    They seem to want a complete breakdown and destruction of social order. How do those in government who encourage this figure they will escape the consequences?

  6. If there was any justice{there isn’t} pretty boy would be dragged out of the capital building by an angry mob and torn to shreds by the crowd.

  7. Better yet sent to prison where he was repeatedly raped for years until he was a trembling shell.

  8. I wonder if they would release Americans charged with rape and murder. Is this courtesy extended to citizens or is it exclusively an illegal alien privilege?


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