icky Leaks

Today I learned that Pamela Anderson is shagging Julian Assange.

Where have I been?

Here’s a picture of her entering the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, seemingly not wearing pants.

story HERE

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  1. I’m impressed by the Ecuadorian embassy….It turns out that if you stay there they will deliver you “any port in a storm”…..

  2. @grool: Well, since I don’t have firsthand information on that, and you can’t believe most things your hear about people (especially on the Internet), I’m going to reserve judgment until some more definitive proof becomes available. However, even if she was, there’s ways of dealing with that too. I’m sure I don’t have to elaborate.

  3. VV,

    Not gossip. She has spoke of it herself for years. Says she got it from a dirty tattoo needle. Also says she’s clean now so by all means, after you.

  4. @grool: If she got it from a needle, it had to be Hep B or C, or HIV. Since HIV is not curable, that leaves the Heps, both of which are easily avoidable with the proper precautions, anyway.

    Hey – No riskit, no biskit…


  5. Assange may be more Ziggy Stardust than international playboy. Most of the world wouldn’t take him seriously if he’s gay. Me thinks Anderson is his beard.

  6. I have to say that I would INTEND to do her, but wonder if, given the chance, I would actually go through with it, all things considered.

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