Iconic Canadian Sports Commentator Fired For Making a Factual Observation

Cherry’s response? – “I won’t be a tamed robot!”



Don Cherry, an iconic Canadian hockey commentator, has been fired by Sportsnet for his on-air remarks on Saturday that alleged that the country’s immigrants don’t properly honor fallen soldiers.

Cherry, 85, used his “Coach’s Corner” segment on “Hockey Night In Canada” to criticize individuals who didn’t wear poppy pins leading up the nation’s Remembrance Day. The pins are sold by veterans groups and are worn to symbolically honor those who served.

“I live in Mississauga [Ontario]. Very few people wear the poppy. Downtown Toronto, forget it. Nobody wears the poppy. … Now you go to the small cities. You people … that come here, whatever it is — you love our way of life. You love our milk and honey. At least you can pay a couple bucks for a poppy or something like that. These guys paid for your way of life that you enjoy in Canada. These guys paid the biggest price for that,” Cherry said.

After immediate backlash on social media Sunday, the majority of media reaction Monday morning called for Cherry’s removal. By the afternoon, word spread that he had been fired.

“Sports brings people together. It unites us, not divides us. Following further discussions with Don Cherry after Saturday night’s broadcast, it has been decided it is the right thing for him to immediately step down. During the broadcast, he made divisive remarks that do not represent our values or what we stand for,” Sportsnet president Bart Yabsley said in a statement on Monday. “Don is synonymous with hockey and has played an integral role in growing the game over the past 40 years. We would like to thank Don for his contributions to hockey and sports broadcasting in Canada.”

Cherry would not take back what he said.

“I know what I said and I meant it,” Cherry told the Toronto Sun after he was fired. “Everybody in Canada should wear a poppy to honor our fallen soldiers.”

He added to the newspaper that: “To keep my job, I cannot be turned into a tamed robot.”


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  1. Love Don Cherry, was a great player and coach for the Rochester Amerks (Americans). Always says what he feels.

  2. Don Cherry is hysterical!….Personalities make sporstcastors better, like them or not…..They crusified Howard Cosell…..Next they’ll go after Doc Emrick and the sports world will suffer….

  3. Don Cherry had the best take on how to handle terrorists:
    If hooking up one raghead terrorist prisoner`s testicles to a car battery to get the truth out of the lying little camel shagger will save just one Canadian life, then I have only three things to say:

    1. Red is positive
    2. Black is negative
    3. Make sure his nuts are wet

  4. So they’re saying honoring their country’s soldiers “does not represent their values”. That’s a pretty sad statement and they should be held to account for it. It wasn’t Mr. Cherry who deserved to be fired that day.

  5. They left out the lefts most favorite catch phrase “THATS NOT WHO WE ARE”! Didn’t they learn anything from half black, anti-white, leftist Muslim B. Hussein O’butthurt?

  6. “he made divisive remarks that do not represent our values or what we stand for,”

    You have no values and you don’t stand for anything you Canadian cucksucker.

  7. I’ve needed:
    Ass doctors, teachers, throat doctors, regular doctors, sanitation workers, chefs, line cooks, servers, farmers, produce pickers, mechanics, water plant operators, petroleum industry workers, carpenters, masons, pilots, missileers, bombers, grunts, navy, clothes manufacturers, truckers, medicine manufacturing chemists, boat drivers, boat manufacturers, aluminum foundries, janitors, food scientists and even artists.

    Not once, ever have I needed a professional sportsball player. Nor anyone in the sportsing industry including “professional” sportsball commentators.

    As to the commiefaggots that wokescolded him into retirement, they are probably less useful than fertilizer, on par with smallpox virus.

    Sorry, calls ’em like I sees ’em.

  8. …you can’t tame a robot. They have no will to tame. They simply follow preprogrammed instructions, that’s it. There are no UNtamed robots, just broken ones.

    …that’s why Terminator scenarios are not worrisome to me. Skynet is going to be FAR too distracted trying to work through a Windows “Known Issue” pertaining to communication with its peripheral Terminators after it’s already destroyed Calcutta and all the Windows tech support personnel therein to bother making its accessories less useful by making them capable of WANTING things…


  9. A house divided……etc.

    Let’s weed out the Assholes and create a stronger, more vibrant, conservative, GOD-fearing house that will easily outlast the outcasts.

  10. But take someone who cops an unwanted feel from a female reporter and wears black face on at least three occasions and Canada re-elects him a PM.

  11. Jellybean,

    They will NEVER go quietly from among us. If put up against it, they will savage us with fingernails and teeth, ripping our throats out if they have to. They will poison us, assassinate us, nuke us if they have the capability.

    They will NEVER let us be rid of them because that would disprove their entire reason for existence: that they aren’t needed, that a world can go on without their wisdom, that they just aren’t that important…that they aren’t God.

    They’d see us all murdered first.

  12. He stuck up for his co-hosts job TWICE when they did not want to hire him! (once when his wife had cancer)

    His co-host just threw him under the bus one day latter.

  13. We went to American Veterans club Sunday for dinner and we ended up sitting with a large group of Canadians…or “Winter Visitors” as we call them down here in Yuma. And they ALL were wearing their “Poppies” which put the ones VFW pushes to shame. They gave each of us one just out of kindness! I’ve often said Yuma is the southern most Canadian Provence!

  14. @grool November 11, 2019 at 7:53 pm

    > disprove their entire reason for existence: that they aren’t needed, that a world can go on without them.

    Your articles of faith are strong. I, myself, have yet to see any proof they are that self-aware. They refuse to let go, for the same reason all parasites refuse to (voluntarily) dislodge themselves. “It’s not who they are.”

  15. “Because it’s not immigration, it’s invasion”

    And the progressive movement knows it, the big problem is that too many will not admit what is patently obvious and are too willing to concede good intentions to the bastards.

    Don Cherry has never had that in him. He calls a spade a spade.

  16. Fuckin’ Canoe Heads

    First they allow PM Blackface to steal the election again

    Then they fuck over CHERRY??!!

  17. Anonymous,

    They all are parasites, but there are (for now) different types.

    The higher-functioning ones hate us so much that that hate has become their reason for existence…yet these dependent grifters know they would perish without us, so they know not to push it TOO far. But I believe they are quickly becoming outnumbered by the uncontrollable, mindless, covetous, arrogant, murderous ones they created. That’s the thinking behind my earlier post.

  18. I read this story to Mr. Illustr8r and his response went something like this, “ Wayne Gretzky made a pass a pretty girl once in the late 80’s. He’s no longer the greatest hockey player of all time.”

    Oh Canada! WTF!?!

  19. Sportsnet is owned by the assholes that own Rogers Cable. Sure would be funny if the other announcers had the balls (or ovaries)to support him because he’s quite right. You used to be able to see Poppies everywhere along with service people selling them but the former has thinned out in the cities and the latter is tough to find anymore. He’ll be missed from the hockey broadcasts. Maybe the players ought to step in. The Sportsnet dicks can’t fire them.

  20. No one should take the ice until Don is back in the booth.
    If the players have balls that is what they should do.

  21. I have pretty much given up on sports – it’s not worth my time anymore. There are (were) some good individuals, like Cherry, but they are being forced out, to be replaced by liberal weenies and stupid millenials.

    I have better things to do, and so do we all. Instead of gazing at the boobtube for 10 hours every Sunday, take your guns to the range and pretend Shifty Shiff’s picture is on each target.

    I can sharpen my shooting skills and get some fresh air at the same time.

  22. @Hambone

    What is hockey? Let me explain.

    Hockey is just like basketball except for the following:

    Hockey is played on ice, which requires a lot more athletic skill than running on a hardwood floor.

    Hockey allows real goaltending, which hockey people justify by saying: “If you have a goal, why not protect it”? Makes sense to me.

    In hockey, defense means something. It’s rather illogical for little b-ball fans to shriek “Defense, Defense”, when the score is 110-105.

    Hockey is a sport in which fast, smallish, but clever men can get to be top scorers.

    In Hockey, a player can spit on the ice without being fined.

    Stickhandling a puck is a lot more difficult than ball dribbling. Try it (or a facsimile of it) without looking down.

    Fighting is heavily regulated in hockey but not yet illegal, as it is in little b-ball. It’s the old-fashioned way: If two gents want to settle their differences that way, let them, and let the government stay out of it.

    What the sports have in common is that on the major league level, they are both run by un-athletic, non-handsome Jewish men who were likely not very good at any sport except math.

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