In case you missed it, because I did-

Rescue of woman drowning in Baton Rouge.

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  1. with citizens like these who needs such a big government?

    no billion dollar department like fema or homeland security can do what our average citzens can achieve.

    the American citizen, it’s what’s good in America.

  2. A few facts about the flooding which are causing some misconceptions in reporting and understanding:

    The area is not the same as that of the Katrina flooding. Most of that flooding existed to an extent in New Orleans and to its south. The present inundation is to the west and in some cases almost 100 miles from N.O.

    Most people did not have flood insurance because the area was classified as a “no flood” zone.

    A majority of the inhabitants were Caucasian which no doubt accounts for the lack of media interest.

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