ICYMI, Because I Did – Iranian TV Celebrates Iranian Winning Oscar

This is hilarious. Iranian TV wanted to capture the moment for its viewers, the moment one of their own wins an Oscar- but they are offended by Charlize Theron.

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  1. Almost as good as seeing the results of the meeting between a Saudi inspector’s magic marker and a glossy American magazine. You’d think it would get tedious, but they love it.

    And yet again,KSA and the Islamic Republic compete for Country that Sucks Bigger Ass Award.

  2. @Lisl – this clip reminds me of when I was in Saudi Arabia(in Jeddah I think)in the mid 90’s and while walking through a mall, I saw a box containing a plastic “kiddie pool” in a display window.

    The picture on the box showed a little boy (in swim trunks) and a little girl (in what would in the US would be considered a modest, 1-piece bathing suit) of about 4 or 5 years old. The “inspectors” (as you note) had taken a black magic marker and blacked out all the entire body of the little girl except for her face (almost like they put her in an “ink burqa” now that I look back on it). The little girl’s entire body (even with much of it covered) was apparently too risque for the goat humpers that might have stumbled across the picture while walking by.

    Yet we are supposed to believe that their culture / societal norms are at least equal to or superior to those of the West according to the leftists. Their entire worldview simply is not compatible with the norms of Western Civilization, nor the Constitution of the USA.

  3. LOL, Bubba’s bro, we’re dating ourselves with the sharpie technology. Now they use stickers and shop, though it still looks equally stoopid.

    Off topic but in the 90s there was a brief moment of deeper insanity when denim abayyah were trying to be popular. The inspectors didn’t switch to blue, though.

  4. If Jimmy Kimmel weren’t a leftist toady, it would be hilarious to send him there with his “Unnecessary Censorship” routine just to mess with those dark-ages morons.

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