ICYMI: Clinton Email on Film


The Irish film making couple Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinny have taken the reams of depositions from the Judical Watch FIOA case against Hillary Clinton and turned them into short word for word re-enactments.  I’ve watched the Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills episodes but the one you should see is from the Clinton IT guy, Bryan Pagliano.

Watch Pagliano plead the 5th time and time again Here

Judge Napolitano on these depositions Here

More on Clinton Email on Film Here


9 Comments on ICYMI: Clinton Email on Film

  1. “Who’s he afraid is going to prosecute?”

    He’s not afraid of prosecution, he’s afraid of execution.

  2. @DR. Tar
    “Funny how the FBI granted Pagliano immunity, yet he still invoked the 5th multiple times in the deposition.”

    When your life may be on the line I guess it’s better to keep your mouth shut.

  3. This is how a criminal enterprises reacts to discovery.
    The Clintons have no integrity, honor and certainly no conscience when it comes to their clandestine operation of pay to play corruption and national security issues being available to adversarial countries whose aim is intelligence gathering to harm the US.

    And the Director of the FBI, Comey, says there was no intent?
    What an unprofessional, partisan and traitorous fool he has turned out to be.

    Judicial Watch has done more to root out corruption and lawlessness by the Clintons than Congress, DOJ, Dept. of State, NSA, FBI and the “non-partisan” media put together.

    MY God, this Country has fallen into darkness, let Your Light Shine Upon the Truth.

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