ICYMI: Haitians Given 18 Months To Get Out

The Temporary Protected Status of Haitians here since the 2010 earthquake displaced them is to end in 2019, giving them 18 months to file for permanent status or go home.

“Of the 58,706, more than 16,000 have either filed for or have been granted lawful permanent resident status since being granted TPS.”


Citizens from 14 other nations are beneficiaries of the Temporary Protected Status designation.

12 Comments on ICYMI: Haitians Given 18 Months To Get Out

  1. Pity. Maybe they’ll ask The Clinton’s for the laundered wads of cash donated on their behalf in the star-studded Clooney sing-along-thon to take back with them.

    In other news: I’m soooo stuffed I’ve loosened my belt 2 notches, and I’m not even wearing pants.

  2. After seven years, If they aren’t working and contributing to their community, send ’em home…..NOW !

    If they are on welfare, send ’em home now!

  3. Dominican Republic is next to Haiti the dirty little secret is in case you guys don’t know that when the people from Haiti come to Dominican Republic the government doesn’t give them nothing also if a human have a baby in Dominican Republic that baby isn’t Dominican like we do in USA

  4. I can’t wait to the ungrateful Mexican and Salvador people are out of the USA this people bowl my blood this criminal illegal immigrants are so ungrateful even today thanksgiving day parade this criminal ungrateful stop the parade

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