ICYMI: #HandsUpDon’tCrush

hands up don't crush

h/t SeaGlass

7 Comments on ICYMI: #HandsUpDon’tCrush

  1. After watching the vids, these are bigger ghouls than the best Zombie movies, unfortunately, they really exist.
    These two women are actually MDs?
    I guess the Hippocratic Oath has been replaced with the Hypocrite Oath.

  2. I’m going to get some printable stickers and plaster these everywhere.

    These so-called humans makes me so sick. I know that I’m supposed to be loving and Christ-like to people. But, you know something? Jesus whooped the snot out of the money changers in the temple. So what am I doing trying to ‘love’ these Satan-filled demons?

    I wish them the exact same fate as the children they are torturing and murdering.

  3. Who owns this? Could we convince them to get T shirts made? I know someone that makes great T shirts — Dianny?

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