ICYMI – “He’s Got a Dick”

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  1. Progressive’s idea of progress – People argue with you for explaining the obvious.

    Forward, comrades!

  2. I’m fascinated by cultural Marxists as they defend pedos and all other associated perverts.

    Don’t they realize that queer’s, trannys, cross dressers, and other deviants will be the first to be lined up and shot dead by Marxists?

    Do they not study history?

    Of course they don’t, imagine their surprise when the first execution occurs.

  3. You object to having a naked man present when you’re with a group of ladies at the spa? You’re the confused one who needs to be lectured about an academic construct known as “transgenderism,” and how females can sometimes have a penis.

    YOU are not allowed a “safe space.” Leftism’s very nature is Totalitarian.

  4. They can have a “Dick” and compete in women’s sports and that’s OK, of course they can go to the spa.
    You get what you VOTE for.

  5. I love this woman! She has courage. Do not assume that she’s a Biden voter. And do not underestimate the black voter. The Blexit move is REAL. This is harvest time and people, of all stripes, are waking up.

  6. So, if you’re a man feeling like a woman and you expose yourself (even to children) you don’t go to jail because you ‘feel’ like a woman?

    Why are we bothering arresting pedophiles and people who expose themselves and rape people when they can just say, “I felt like X gender and X age” and tell you they did nothing wrong?

    The left treats mental illness like homelessness. If they pretend it doesn’t exist, then the problem doesn’t exist.

  7. If some dude had entered the bathroom or locker room where my daughter was, I would have beat the ever loving fuck of of him. I mean we’re talking out of fucking control. 0-60 in 2 seconds.

    When she was in her early teens, this crap was unheard of but nonetheless, around public bathrooms, I was one motherfucking vigilant father. She was never out of my sight for more then a quick pee in a one entrance BR and believe me, I was a clock watcher.

  8. If Kamala Harris was there, the complant would changed to: “There’s this.man walking around with his dick out, and Kamala Harris is sucking it”

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