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ICYMI – Matt Walsh on Dr. Phil Debating Gender Identity Idiocy

The trans-whatever couldn’t define what it is they are claiming to be.

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  1. Those two are more confused than President Brandon.

  2. Accidentally stumbled onto pics on the internet of that bearded freak in women’s bathing suits with his junk bulging out.
    Not enough booze in Mexico to purge that image from my mind…

  3. “…important for us to share more information with people because people are curious and want to understand…”

    Wrong, I don’t give an eff about your mental sickness and trying to understand you. Get over this shit of wanting us to accept – it’s not going to happen. And shove your pronouns up your ass. I’m fucking sick of this shit.

    BTW, if you want to become a woman, then why in the fucking hell do you insist on growing a beard? And screw you for making me cuss like that, fucking assholes.

  4. You humans are really screwed up when you can’t even understand basic biology!

  5. I think I finally figured it out. The corporate depopulationists are paying these people to disgust us SO BADLY that we give up reproducing forever.

  6. Meanwhile that freak on Jeopardy keeps winning.
    Of course they are intentionally pitting the dude against the weakest opponents in Jeopardy history.
    Hell, congressmen & AOC could be allowed to compete…

  7. Follow the scoience!!! The “Y” don’t lie!!!

  8. Oh boy, there’s “true love” punctuated with a short period and a couple of well-worn colons! If you listen to the so called MSM you would think that half the population wuz Gay or Transgendered while the other half wuz made up of Ku Klux Klansmen, White Supremacists and Nazis thanks to the networks and their relentless pursuit to divide and destroy America!

  9. IOW – Don’t drag me into your psychosis.

  10. AOC could be allowed to compete…

    I dunno about that one Loco. AOC is still contemplating why meteors always land in craters…

  11. These two want to play dressup. They want the world to address them accordingly to how they feel at the moment. Feelings are not facts.

  12. Good one TRF…

    Seriously though.
    They had a guy on Jeopardy that had locked up second place.
    He couldn’t win but had 2nd in the bag.
    The dummy bets a lot and loses it.
    Goes from second to third place, from $2000 prize to $1000.

  13. @General Malaise January 21, 2022 at 10:38 am

    > The corporate depopulationists are paying these people to disgust us SO BADLY that we give up reproducing forever.

    Right plan, wrong tools.

  14. I could only take as much of that video as the time it took for my brain to recoil in disgust and to click the pause button and get out of that mess. Good Lord.

  15. Those two sad messed up people are now claiming nightmares caused by Walsh.
    I guess the truth hurts their heads.

  16. I said this on the jenner article earlier today, but I feel it is worth repeating:
    If some freakazoid demands that I refer to it as a sex I am certain is a lie because of “feelings” I will reply “No, I FEEL you are a DUDE, so don’t offend me by demanding otherwise.”

  17. It comes done to one basic reality: They’re perverts who want to diddle your kids and get government protection to do so.

    Most of the trannies deserve to be tossed off roof tops and then have their liquified guts hosed into the sewer.

  18. They are “grooming” kids in school with this. It’s all part of their agenda.
    1. It is psychological manipulation and abuse of children at the deepest level.
    2. It is an undermining of parental sovereignty and authority in matters of child-rearing.
    3. It is an assault upon religious liberty.

    Matt did a great job here. His point at 9:24 is brilliant; they are appropriating “womanhood” and “turning it into a costume that can be worn.”

  19. Admit it… The science is settled…

    1.) Whatever a trannie woman is, it is not a woman.
    2.) The most this thing will ever be is a trannie woman. And a trannie woman isn’t a woman at all.

    It’s science.

    Aint no such ting as a chick with a dick, all there can ever be is dudes with boobs. It’s science!

  20. Oprah’s fake shrink Phil (not a doctor) with two confused fags.🤣

  21. Just an old fashioned transvestite with a new stupid name.

  22. You know how far from the truth we are by the number of times the definition for something has been changed. Ask that fraud Fauci about it.

    It used to be — according to the DSM — “Gender Identity Disorder”, now it’s “Gender Dysphoria”, with the critical distinction that acting on one’s perception of himself or herself is no longer considered a mental illness. A former mental disorder is no longer because it sez so in the big book of mental disorders. And isn’t that these guy’s main argument; “no labels!”. The irony is they don’t want to be labeled by their sex, but after they’re done with you, they want to put you in jail because you didn’t get their unintelligable gender right.

    They took our good language (queer and gay), they took our symbol of eternal hope (the rainbow), and now they want our pronouns.

  23. …next thing you know I’ll be forced to call a “pounder” a hammer and “squeezers”, pliers or it’s hard time for me!

  24. Great argument but here is a better one. If it’s appropriate and laudable to have a fluid gender why is it wrong to appropriate a cultural or race? I notice he didn’t go there, and he should have.

    If I can appropriate womanhood I should be able to appropriate my race. If I identify as a woman why can I not identify as black?

    You can kill almost every Marxist argument with its own inate hypocrisy and cognitive dissonance.

    Liberal arguments are always based on certain unproven assumptions and then they work backwards to reverse engineer a perceived truth based on those false assumptions.

    Ergo I’m a woman because I identify as a woman. If biology plays no role in gender identity then why can I I not identify as a fish?

    Try this argument on a libatard and watch their heads explode.

  25. Here is another provable fact, when Marxists take over the kill all the deviants first. Commies require total conformity, no separate “identify” allowed.

  26. They are attention whores, that’s all.

  27. Mental illness on display.
    That’s all I can think to say.

  28. Now we all know LocoBlancoSaltine secret desires, the naked bearded lady/dude. Bookmarked for late night quick access in his personalized favorites. Lil Petey Buttigieg can identify with dat.

  29. @Loco

    I think it’s possible that the freak on Jeopardy is being fed a lot, but maybe not all of the answers in order to further the transgender thing and make it acceptable to the general population. I bet the viewership from sickos has gone up dramatically. Probably down from normal people.

  30. I could not get through that vid!


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