ICYMI: New York Poised To Become First State To Outlaw Declawing


New York lawmakers passed a ban on cat declawing Tuesday, taking the state one step closer to being the first in the nation to outlaw the controversial practice.

The bill, which has made its way slowly through the state capital over the last few years, passed state legislature easily on Animal Advocacy Day — a day when animal advocates and their pets are invited to the Legislative Office building to “further strengthen Buster’s felony animal cruelty law,” the state said in a press releaseMore


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  1. How about outlawing BSL controversial practice?

    I’ve got a pit bull that is more tame than cute little fluff balls (dogs and cats). Vicious is the last word that would be used to describe her. Yet, here are places in NY that have already determined what kind of dog she is. While they are busy banning declawing of cats, how about end BSL and ban tail and ear cropping of pits.

    Hornell Section: 135-24 Mandatory insurance: pit bulls
    Larchmont Section: 97-21 Bans: pit bulls
    Peekskill Section: 250-9 Pit bulls and rottweilers presumed “dangerous”
    Town of LaGrange Section: 75-3 Bans: pit bulls and American bulldogs in off-leash parks
    Village of Cornwall-On-Hudson Section: 69-4, 69-5 Restricts: pit bulls
    Village of Hempstead Section: 57-13 Pit bulls declared “vicious”
    Village of New Hyde Park Section: 80-3 Pit bulls declared “vicious”
    Village of Pomona Section: 40-12, 40-13 Pit bulls declared “dangerous”
    Village of Spring Valley Section: 71-14 Pit bulls declared “dangerous”
    Village of Suffern Section: 122-6 Pit bulls declared “vicious”

  2. ecp. I had a Dalmatian for 13 years (90lb). People let their children junp on and around her without notice. I would explain this breed are bred as guard dogs(carriage dogs).But they are cute fire dogs is the response.The dal never attacked but for gods sake. My pit was attacked(hot coffee thrown through a parially open truck window).I was told to kill that vicious animal. that boy was 50lb and sweet even after attacks. ontario banned the dog breed. All animals can be dangerous if not properly cared for. Dalmatian cute harmless black pit evil. 308 semi wood stock a ok . plastic stock AR15 evil.

  3. ^^ HAHAHAHA ^^ Different Tim, my Ivan totally destroyed my sister’s beautiful upholstered chair! I couldn’t keep him from doing what cats normally do and I don’t like the idea of declawing. He was too adorable, so she didn’t mind. That was the only thing he ever clawed, too. He was a weird cat; but lovable!

  4. Only way I would own a cat is declawed. Sorry, not sorry.

    My cat was for the kids and the wife. Indoor cat. Declawed.

  5. I have two cats with claws and one without. My two with claws only scratch there designated scratch mat. The one without claws tries to scratch everything. A cat I had that passed on was declawed and tried to scratch everything also, in fact destroying a set of Advent speakers I had since a young adult by trying to scratch the speaker covers and destroying the foam ring on the woofers.( Anybody have woofers for sale for Advent Baby II speakers?)

  6. New York where ripping off a baby’s arms and legs is celebrated but pulling nails off a cat is illegal

  7. The only thing cats are good for is either slippers or food you find when you order Chinese take-out from your local slop-shop.

    They always make a nice counter to the pigeon wings when ordering dumplings.

  8. cslamer – leave a dog alone in your house for three days with big bowls of food and water. Describe what you come home to.🤔

  9. Story on cats but that doesn’t stop the pit bull apologists from flooding in. Sterilize them out of existence(the pit bulls too).

  10. When I was first ‘introduced’ to cats via Mrs. G, the cats were declawed. Then we got a cat(s) together for our first place and got them declawed.

    Then we bought a house and rescued a very fertile mother, got her fixed and as a result took in a couple of the most recent ones. Recent meaning that was five plus years. That original Mother died out there somewhere.

    We then took in one, Buds, from a family member, with claws.

    So my stupid effing point?

    Yeah, natural stretching and claw pruning…that is what it is, can damage the furniture but we do not these days believe in the ‘practice’ of declawing any longer. My suggestion is put out several logs from the outside and they will take to it big time. Put one standing on edge and the other laying long on the floor.

    Claws are the ONLY way a feline cat defend themselves other than sharp canines. So if one happens to get out of the house, claws are needed! Also it’s like CCL, if everyone is equally armed then it’s a fair fight at least, IF it comes down to that…

    In addition, Buds claws are good to have in a good scrap up inside the house as well…with ‘Bonnie and Clyde’.

  11. A major AOC supporter, Claude Balls, was very instrumental in this passage of important legislation,,,

  12. When the local parks went no smoking that was the end of the strippers with their hood rats and pit bulls and cursing and thug boyfriends and park usage went way up.

  13. My experience with cats is that if you have an inside/outside (mostly outside) cat it will not claw things in your house. I would never have any other kind, since I hate smelly, disease-ridden litter boxes. IMHO animals were made for the outdoors, not houses.

  14. @ different tim New York sounds like a good place to invest in furniture and reupholstering businesses.

    they only business to open in New York if you want to make money is renting moving vans for the people fleeing the peoples republic of NY oh wait opening an abortion clinic (preferably in a minority neighborhood) is a good investment too if you have no soul.


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