ICYMI – Russian Army Ad v. American Army Ad… We’re Screwed – IOTW Report

ICYMI – Russian Army Ad v. American Army Ad… We’re Screwed

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  1. We don’t have to fear the Russians.

    We have to fear our own military now – being Red China has their hand up its ass.

  2. This is extremely aged. But that’s OK. It needs to be replayed and forwarded as much as possible. That is them, planning our defeat. And the purge has begun. Why does that Faggot Milley wear Ranger Patches? No fucking way. Terrance Popp is a real Ranger. A bad ass son of a bitch. His latest and he’s hitting the ten ring. Language warning. If you like this you should explore past videos. The dudes a Patriot.


  3. WTF???!!

    Last time I turned on a TV, USArmy ads look like the Russian ads do now.

    He’s right; we’re boned.

  4. We are Israel becoming Canaanite. We deserve what’s coming.

  5. Is not commercial for Russian military. Is actually commercial for applicants in exciting field of medical or dental nursing degree.

    Russian military actually much more difficult.

  6. We have been bent over for a long time. See elections of Bush, Clinton, Obama, Joey (look at my leg hair) B.

  7. The sixties continues to haunt us 50 years later. We never threw it off, even after horrors like the Manson Family murders and countless insane events since then that I think had their roots in the sixties.

    To at least some degree, this is a society of drug abusers and sickos.

  8. The American Army ad is actually an open invation to our enemies to attack us.

  9. Think about this… what would America get if there was ever a Draft again? Selective Cervix Cards.

    The only army left today is Obama’s “well-funded, better-quipped ANTIFA.” God help us.

  10. Can we give the Jack Benny award to Blue Toof?

    “Selective Cervix Cards.”

    Swings invisible golf club.

  11. We are like the complacent French in the 1930’s secure behind their Maginot Line while their military was being weakened by communists in the ranks.

    We have an ocean on each side which we think will protect us. Maybe that’s our Maginot Line. I presume our military has some plans laid out for foreign invasion, but tough armed forces are needed to apply the doctrine. With the armed forces going after perverts, that is a weakness of ours that can be exploited.

    Perverts are interested mostly in advancing their perversions, not defending our people, land, and constitution.

  12. ^^^^Ah ha, Russian Collusion. I knew we couldn’t trust this guy. LOL

  13. That was fucking gay.

  14. Now we have to rename the greatest military films of all time. I’ll start.

    “Full Metal Fisting”

  15. “The Dirty Sanchez Dozen”

    I’m here all night…

  16. And of course the film that needs no changing…

    “The Big Red One”

  17. A Pack of Lips, Now!

    The Penis.

    Ingloreous Transvestites

    Doctor Zhivago Up Your Ass

    Letters from Iwo You

    The Dear Hunter


    The Butthurt Locker

    Das Booty

    The Longest Gay

    Wonder Man


    The African Queen (no title change necessary)

    Glory Hole

    Camp K-Y

    Band of Buttboys

  18. Manderin’s here all week…
    I tried the veal – it’s like shoe leather.

  19. The political war we are trying to avoid is just warming up, and that’s the one we need to snuff out first!!

  20. Saul Alinsky: Study his book “Rules for Radicals”. Learn from it.

  21. As a veteran in his 70`s not what I served for or could have imagined what this would bring, my being drafted all for nothing Thanks fearless leaders

  22. BOTH armies have to fear, “a rifleman behind EVERY blade of grass”… 😈

  23. An Army buddy of mine who was in during the 80s claims that the rank of Corporal has been very uncommon since Korea, so he’s questioning if it’s real based on that.

    Although he does admit that mostly he doesn’t WANT it to be real.

    I never served. Can anyone who DID tell me if there’s anything to that?


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