ICYMI: Sen. Cotton Grills Kerry

Kerry isn’t sure about much and shows no confidence regarding the Iran Deal. He rarely looks at Senator Cotton in the eye and there’s a lot of, “I’m not sure” and “Uhh”, and papers being shuffled around by Kerry.

Gee. I feel better about the whole deal now.
Don’t you?

tom cotton

Sen. Tom Cotton’s Q&A during
Senate Armed Services Committee hearing.

9 Comments on ICYMI: Sen. Cotton Grills Kerry

  1. I think the muslims have invented a stupid sauce and been slipping it to our Sec’s.of State. This is two in a row who fly around and haven’t a clue to what they’re doing…..

  2. Our secretary of state doesn’t need stupid sauce. He’s dumb enough already. We apparently got a good dose of it by electing this administration…twice!

  3. Senator Cotton did a conference call in thing today where he took questions from Arkansans about federal problems. I got the call and listened on the phone for about a half hour.
    He answered questions about the Iran deal, Planned Parenthood, illegal invaders, welfare slugs, etc., nothing but great answers.
    He works very well without a script.

  4. How is it Cotton is so on top of this stuff but has such a lousy voting record?

    Also, has anyone seen Secretariat’s mare, Tereeeeeeeza? Even she can’t stand him!

  5. Once again, great sound bites. Is he going to be as toothless as Issa and Gowdy, or will he be someone we can rally around for the good of this once great country? We shall see.

  6. He’s weak and he’s stupid. Imagine what the Iranian nutjubs were doing to his face! Not just behind his back. I heard some of this on the radio so I knew what to expect but his nervous mannerisms on video are so pathetic!

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