I’d Be Depressed, Too, If I Couldn’t Eat Meat


A British longitudinal study has uncovered a relationship between rates of depression and men who don’t eat meat. There is some controversy over if the guy was depressed before going on the meatless diet or if the diet contributed to him being down. Either way, males on a vegetarian or vegan diet are more likely not fun to be around.


Just to back up the study, which is funnier?

A video titled “If Meat eaters acted like Vegans” Watch


A video titled “If Vegans Said the Stuff Meat eaters Say” Watch


17 Comments on I’d Be Depressed, Too, If I Couldn’t Eat Meat

  1. I couldn’t make sense of the “Vegan” video. Between the pretentious attitude and the incomprehensible message, I didn’t laugh once. The “meat eater” video though was hilarious.

  2. my cousin & wife got bit by the lone star tick which can make you severely allergic to beef, pork, venison & milk … at least they can have chicken & turkey
    the lone star tick is native to most of the eastern US

  3. I had a jumbo fat person tell me once that I should be a vegetarian like them in order to be healthy. LOLOL.
    I was 118 lbs and 5’7″ . I gave her a look like Tucker Carlson does when he hears stupid coming out of libs on his show. I damn near had to tape my mouth shut to stop from asking if her diet consisted of cakes only.

  4. Milk’s a good protein source. Not bad as a crash weight loss program, too.

    I understand the health concerns about harmful hormones, antibiotics & other pollutants in modern supermarket meat.

    But the Total Ovo-Lacto -Vegan thing is a crazy extreme response.

    Moderation and balance. And good barbecue.

  5. No wonder I’m generally a happy person. Being Gluten Intolerant, about 3/4 of my diet consists of some sort of animal.
    Re: the videos. All I can say is J.P. is one funny guy!

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