“I’d like to take my period blood I no longer have and write, ‘you’re all assh—s.’ I’d like to smear it all over some people’s faces.” – IOTW Report

“I’d like to take my period blood I no longer have and write, ‘you’re all assh—s.’ I’d like to smear it all over some people’s faces.”

Who said this classy line?


Today, comedian Rosie O’Donnell said “women’s rights“ are under attack in America and that politicians are undoing all the advances abortion activists have made. The Hill reports that O’Donnell told Jenny Hutt on SiriusXM’s radio program that she believes there is a war on women. She said, “Bigger than any specific people, there is a war on women that is happening in this country. Women fought for equality in this country, and right now, politically, it’s being taken away from us.”rosie-o-donnellx

Then, unbelievably, O’Donnell said she would like to do this to pro-lifers: “I’d like to take my period blood I no longer have and write, ‘you’re all assh—s.’ I’d like to smear it all over some people’s faces.”

Additionally, during the interview with Hutt, she said that London Marathoner Kiran Ganhi’s decision to run without a tampon while menstruating is a critical demonstration for women’s rights.

Although O’Donnell didn’t mention the Planned Parenthood scandal specifically, it is likely she is referring to pro-life Senate Republicans who tried to defund the abortion company in light of videos showing their top executives haggling over the price of aborted babies’ body parts. Unfortunately, Senate Democrats defeated the legislation even though the videos expose Planned Parenthood’s complete disregard for human life and countless potential violations of federal law.



50 Comments on “I’d like to take my period blood I no longer have and write, ‘you’re all assh—s.’ I’d like to smear it all over some people’s faces.”

  1. It’s hard to imagine a more disgusting creature. And someone married her?

  2. The biggest war on women is the one the liberals wage on the female unborn.

    So shut your fat fucking pie hole, Rosie.

    You soulless, convenience-minded abortion loving women make me want to vomit.

  3. Nice picture, though. I think it was very nice of her to wear a shirt with her I.Q. plastered on the front of it.

  4. Damn thought for sure it was Bruce Jenner.

  5. Nobody would actually marry her because that would take a male of whatever species she is.

  6. There you have it. mental illness in a nutshell.

    What a subhuman piece of slime it is.

  7. Wow, she just gets more unhinged as she gets older. She must be the most hate-filled person I’ve ever seen. I feel sorry for all those kids she adopted.

  8. “…Rosie and Michelle weren’t the warm people I thought they were… I just felt like I was a dog breeding puppies for Rosie.”

    Money shot!

    So, she had to get pregnant, have the imperfect baby turned down by Rosie, to figure that out?
    Good thing being that obtuse isn’t as painful as natural birth.
    “Stupid is forever, ignorance can be fixed.” Don Wood

  9. Is like to see BFH work some Photoshop on Rosie. It’d be the only chance for her to be pretty on the outside. She’ll never be pretty on the inside.

  10. LOL – what if I told you that the above picture was already photo-shopped?

  11. Is it real or is that gangrenous looking spot on one of her hind paws photoshopped?

  12. Cutting off federal aid for Planned Parenthood–not forcing unwilling taxpayers to fund providers of abortion, who also sell the tenderest cuts of meat off baby parts–that’s a war on women? Saying to women, “It is your life to live but you will have to also fund it yourself”–that’s a war on women? Telling taxpayers, “You will no longer be forced to pay for this atrocious act”–war on women?

    War on women?

    War on women? How about being forced to wear suffocating abbayah whether you like it or not? How about being a sex slave sold for $20 on an open market and repeatedly gang raped? How about having your genitals sliced off and in some instances your vagina sewn shut? What if your husband raped you without benefit of having the stitches removed and the infection you developed from injurious anal sex resulted in your exile to a ramshackle hut no one goes to because the smell is so foul? How might you fare having to sleep with an Evin guard just to be able to find out if your husband is within the prison walls? Or killing your attempted rapist and being prosecuted and hung for murder? Thrown back into a burning building because your hair is uncovered and dammit that’s a disgrace the world can’t bear. Or it might be worse that your abbayah was too short so ISIS had to punish you to keep them from ever having to see your ankles again? If you were not permitted to speak because your female voice is considered evil and too tempting of evil? What about enforced idleness that wasted every ounce of talent and curiosity you had for seeking and in various forms documenting–in art, in literature, dance, sport, technology, science–the wonders of the world and the beauty you might have once found in the humans around you? If your family’s security and status depended upon a male child and it fell to you to have to pretend for **years on end** to be that child and it psychologically f***ed you up so badly you either killed yourself or your life became a wasted shell? What if you were considered so unimportant in the world that **your name was not even recorded in records of live births**??

    What if just the fact that you were menstruating meant that you had to be isolated or people would not touch food you prepared or slink away from you because you were considered impure, vile, disgusting, revolting? That even God will not accept your prayers because you are too unclean to appeal to Him?

    What if you had to endure just *one* of the horrors mentioned above and people who had a voice in the world said absolutely nothing to give voice to your plea for relief, and those who spoke of it in tones of condemnation were ushered into the house of persona non grata, one by one cutting off your avenues of aid and sinking you deeper into the smothering reality that is the life of too many women around the world who live their “ordinary lives” in the theatre that is the REAL war on women.

  13. I’m sorry, everybody, that my comment got so long and if it was a little too graphic for some. I don’t want to put anyone off, but this war on women bullsh** is one thing that makes me really angry above almost all else. The people who spout on about a “war on women” because they can’t get free abortions or birth control, they are evil and soulless and they above all, in my opinion, hate women perhaps even more than ISIS and their comrades, because they are in a better position to help, and they do **nothing** but carry on about what they can’t have and deliberately turn the focus of attention away from women who need help and onto their disgusting antics. They ignore the real “silent scream” because it doesn’t contribute to their extended fifteen minutes and gets them no speaking fees or fake adulation.

    It makes me so very angry.

  14. The only real war in America is the war on America herself, and her fundamental principles.

    You know the America of real equality , not imagined inequality, the land of real freedom to be left alone to live your life as you pleased, as long as you didn’t harm someone else. Where imagined harm to another was ridiculed as the nonsense it is.

    The America of freedom from government over reach, that is tyranny. The America of laws, not of men. Freedom from a President, Senators, Congressmen, and Supreme Court Justices who make rulings not according to the law but according to their whim. (cough, cough, Roberts, cough, cough)

    The America of freedom from rules written by unelected government bureaucrats, who have killed many great nations of the past. And freedom from large groups of people ranting, or rioting, about situations that largely lack facts to support their reality. I hold the poverty pimps and race hustlers responsible for these out of control events. But that’s the result you get when you put a poverty pimp race hustler in the White House. Who has turned it into the Rainbow House.

    I liked the America where people raised a fuss, if the American flag wasn’t flying. And raised the funds, if necessary, to buy a quality flag, and erect a flag pole, to fly the Stars and Stripes. The freedom to fly our nation’s flag is a pretty basic freedom, and duty. It is under attack from sea to sea, and border to border. Oh wait, we once had the freedom to demand we had national borders.

    That is the real war in America.

    There is no war against disgusting, irradiating, annoying hags with imagined wrongs. A basic American freedom is the freedom of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness ( i.e, property). Freedom to deny life to the most defenseless of human beings does not exist. It’s murder, straight up. Freedom to be a PITA, should only tolerated to a low level. Rosie and her ilk are way above the acceptable level. imo.

  15. A militant lesbian is raving about a war on women? I’m confused.

  16. Talking lard! Good Gawd, what will science bring us next?

  17. Confused, so is Rosie. She just can’t see it and never will.

  18. For some reason, I don’t think she ever had period blood!

  19. One of the things that keeps me sane is the thought of the final end that awaits these people; the horror and despair as they meet their Creator and realize that they are utterly and hopelessly lost to en eternity of painful perdition. In Rosie’s case I giggle so much that I pee myself a little.

  20. If there was a war on women, there would be Rosie’s laying dead here and there, scattered amongst various Conservative door steps.

    But, there isn’t, because there isn’t a war on women.

    The war is on the unborn child who has rights afforded by the constitution and those rights are trampled daily for people to buy the body parts that are left over from the REAL WAR. Those body parts lay at the feet and door steps of the liberal progressive democrat socialist union pigs.

  21. Don’t apologize Lisl. That was BEYOND admirable and incredibly deep. I pray that God puts you in a position of influence (if He has not already) to be the voice for those women who need one so desparately.

  22. Who’s that ugly dude in the headband?
    And why is his saggy ass on the front of his body?

  23. Another dismal shot from the fat cannon at the on-going and unrelenting War on Men. She blathers insanely to conceal who she is really attacking and assaulting! The so-called War on Woman is a phoney facade to cover up the real war! She and her fellow swine-like creatures have an unrelenting and putrid streak of hatred for men. Any female who uses or term “War on Woman” is a despicable piece of sub-human garbage!

  24. As the great Ann Coulter said, the only American woman killed in the “war on women,” was Mary Jo Kopechne, July 18, 1969.

  25. If you remember her in her early standup days, before the weight gain. shorter haircut and rage, she actually was pretty.

  26. Comedian?!?

    Rosie – simply slit your wrists and bleed all over everyone…and…don’t stop.

  27. Wow, what a pig. Anyway, I don’t know what she got her jockstrap in a twist I mean it’s not like she’s a woman, just look at the pic. I heard she some sort of comic, I hope she kept her longshoremans’s job cause her act isn’t very good.

  28. No apologies necessary here, Lisl. Bring it, sister.

  29. If getting smeared by Rosie’s menstrual blood is what’s needed to keep her from replicating her loathsome, grotesque, cornea-enscorching, optic-and-erectile-nerve-annihilating self ……. I guess I could take one for the male gender.

    Just make sure there’s an ambulance on stand-by

  30. you did just fine…..i love passion…never say your sorry for speaking your mind. iotw’ers dont care….we listen

  31. Um, that’s not a saggy ass. Someone is trying for the Lindsay Lohan/ Miley Cyrus/ Paris Hilton/ Brit-Brit beaver-flash, but she’s so fat her naughty bits hang halfway down her thighs.

  32. Trump wuz right, but he didn’t use nearly enough adjectives to describe the flat out crude, ugly, grade F nastiness that is O’Donnell! When that thing dies even Satan will hold up a cross to it!

  33. All I can say is – if all of womankind were like her, it would be the end of the human race. Period.

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