Joe Biden: “I’d Like You to Come Home with Me!” – IOTW Report

Joe Biden: “I’d Like You to Come Home with Me!”

Joe Biden Creeps on Little Girl at Covid Vaccine Clinic.

Gateway Pundit:
Joe and Jill Biden on Tuesday visited a local Covid vaccination clinic hosted by the DC’s Department of Health to promote vaccines for children under the age of 5. Nurse Jill was buzzing around the room to help her mentally incapacitated husband. more

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  1. None of this is known to most of our population because the traditional media is bought and paid for. Liberals are their policies would not have a leg to stand on if it weren’t for the traditional media.

    They are the TRUE enemy of the American people. If they even TRIED to do ‘journalism’ our side would have 80-85% of both houses and the White House in perpetuity.

    Alas, they don’t do journalism but they DO carry water for any non-republican administration. This war cannot be won. They always have the last word…..and most of the words before that.

    Sorry to be a downer.

  2. Man, this guy is the livin’ end. I’d like to keep him around for the entertainment factor. No. No I wouldn’t.

  3. First the FakePrez wants to rape them, then murder them with the FakeVaxx.

    Rivaling even Herod’s murder of the innocents just in sheer scale.

    “In Rama was there a voice heard, lamentation, and weeping, and great mourning, Rachel weeping for her children, and would not be comforted, because they are not”
    Matthew 2:18

    Nothing short of a Biblical smiting will put this right.

  4. I know the DNC is looking for a way to take him and the goofy bitch out, but they need it to look like it was done by the RIGHT!

  5. He wants to take a little girl home with him. Could be he read about Albert Fish and got inspired.

  6. “I know the DNC is looking for a way to take him and the goofy bitch out, but they need it to look like it was done by the RIGHT!”

    They’ll fake it just like they do everything else. It’s their only tool in the tool box.

    They have all the alphabet agencies working for them in this respect, also. Add that they don’t even care how sloppy it is because they have the media to gaslight the world and tell you up is down when your lying eyes know it’s not.

  7. Maybe….just maybe…the white house Alzheimer’s patient will slip up one day and expose the entire pedophile organization currently controlling our government.

  8. Who the F@#% are these parents who willingly sacrifice their children up to this man?
    And who laughs when he talks like this?
    I had a friend who was being molested when she was young. She told her mother, and her mother did not believe her. That shit seriously messed with her mind.
    Children are vulnerable. They need to be protected!

  9. He’s the guy our fathers would have gotten together and beat to Hell and back. What parent lets an old goat pedo mess with their child?

  10. The quote “There are none so blind as those who will not see.” defines democrat voters exactly. What kind of a parent hands their child over to a guy with a documented history of groping, sniffing and force kissing little girls and women?

  11. @Agatha Kakalogical
    The same kind of parents that take their kids to “Trans reading hour” at their local library.
    These sick people try and out-virtue signal each other.

  12. The first part to Joe Biden’s obviously fake showmanship is that those vaxx for kids are actually his and Fauci’s sinister tactics for race cleansing. The second part is that Biden has a very long association, to date, with the vile Ku Klux Klan whose sole goal is to kill all blacks and ethnic people, either directly or via his promoted abortions. Thirdly, Joe Biden’s own daughter revealed that he and other male family members assaulted her sexually as a minor child. Fourth, the tawdry Biden woman was waiting in the wings with an alcohol- sanitized cloth for Joe Biden to clean off his hands with after touching-fondling the black children. Fifth, Joe Biden ignored the fact of the vicious malicious Fauci Mengele’s murdering of numerous orphan black and hispanic babies and children (1980s-1990s to present) when Fauci Mengele cruelly experimented upon and tested on their helpless and powerless bodies. Believe when it’s reported that Joe Biden is an evil mf all around.

  13. Maybe Jackass Joe talks about that place behind the gym cuz that’s where he spent most of his time growing up…

    getting the snot beat outta him!!

    Somehow I can just picture that happening to the smartass, smug bastard!

  14. Aaaaaaaaaannnnd no matter how many times it happened, no one ever beat any sense into him!

    He just grew up to be an old asshole!!


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