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Idaho bans Marxist critical race theory in public schools

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The Idaho State Legislature has become the first in the nation to put a bill on a governor’s desk that would ban Marxist-based critical race theory from being taught in public schools.

Article by Art Moore from WND.

Arkansas, Oklahoma, Iowa, Missouri, Texas and West Virginia are among other states considering bans on such teaching, which regards America and Western Civilization as inherently racist.

On Monday, the Idaho state Senate passed the bill 28-7 after the House approved it 57-12. Both votes went along party lines, with the exception of Republican Sen. Dan Johnson joining Democrats in opposition. It now goes to Republican Governor Brad Little.

On Monday, an estimated 100 students protested outside statehouse against the bill, which Republican lawmakers say is a safeguard against “indoctrination” of students. more

10 Comments on Idaho bans Marxist critical race theory in public schools

  1. The question I have is: Will the Federal Government let them do this? Will they be able to decide their own educational standards if they don’t comply with Federal rules?

  2. I live so close to Northern Idaho and both my parents were Idaho natives that I might consider living there. And I do most of my deliveries anymore in the Post Falls, Coeur d’ Alene, Rathdrum and Spirit Lake area.

  3. I beginning to gain some hope for These United States once again.

  4. The more I read about critical race theory and systemic racism, the more apparent it becomes that both theories are complete bullshit. Actually, they’re worse than complete bullshit – if you believe in CRT and systemic racism, then you essentially believe that victim groups will always be victim groups with no realistic hope of advancement – our nation will be little more than a bunch of whiners looking for Cho Xiden to make it better.

  5. @Geoff We’ll be doing some pre-retirement scouting trips in Idaho over the next year or two. My in laws are looking at land there. They just got back from Sagle, ID…not a mask to be seen. There looks to be a slow exodus from western WA in the works.

  6. Illustr8r, Sagle is about 5 0r 6 miles S. of Sandpoint, Idaho and is a nice small town very close to Pend Oreille Lake (pronounced Ponderay). It’s a beautiful area up there, my wife’s family had friends who were originally from California and moved to the Sandpoint area back in the 60’s and we would visit them from time to time. They had a small pig farm off of Hwy. 200 N.E. of Sandpoint and raised 8 or 9 Catholic kids up there. Trips to their farm were always fun and my kids loved riding their horses (they also had phenomenal pig roasts on occasion when they roasted a whole pig) when we were up there. One of the local parks in Sandpoint is named for the father of this large family and big Sandpoint area booster. That whole area from Sandpoint N. to Bonners Ferry, Id. is drop dead gorgeous and a great place to live. I’m more partial to Bonners Ferry just because it’s a little more isolated and a little more out of the way. Also the whole area from Newport, Wash. and Priest River, Id. along the Pend Oreille River to Sandpoint alongside Hwy. 2 is a great area as well. Just watch out for the deer at times on that Hwy. cause the critters are everywhere at times. And Coeur d’ Alene is not too bad either although it’s getting bigger and more expensive and much too busy for me nowadays than it was when my dad grew up just N. of there in Dalton Gardens on my grandparents truck, flower, vegetable and U Pick/roadside stand farm during the Summer.


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