IDAHO Citizens Want Closure Of Muslim Illegal Alien Center – IOTW Report

IDAHO Citizens Want Closure Of Muslim Illegal Alien Center

That Is Importing Unscreened Syrian Muslims Along With Potential Islamic State Terrorists.


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  1. Idaho has always been a solid red state like Utah, Montana, Indiana, etc…..They got BALLS.

    Now if all the other red states would follow this fine example.

  2. haven’t these rag heads learned yet that the usa is islamaphobic and Christian? you have to be an insane muslim to ever want to come to the usa in the first place. no sharia, no polygamy, no female genital mutilation, frequent koran burnings, no goat and camel raping, mosques being torched on a regular basis, no welfare state to take advantage of, this country is full of poor oppressed people and of course us old white people running things.

    why come here?

    hey all you progressives and women studies majors, how come? how come they all want to come to such a dismal place like the usa?

  3. I think it interesting to note that the designation of a state being ‘blue’ or ‘red’ was the exact opposite of what it is today. Prior to the 2000 election year, the Republican states were ‘blue’ and the Democrat states were ‘red’. And, as we all know, the color ‘red’ when applied to politics has always been considered anti-American. Even communistic if you will. We can thank CNN for that one!

  4. We have an entire section on the south side of Billings, Montana, that’s chock full of Somalian and other african knee grow muslim “refugees” now.

    They completely trashed the neighborhood. So that when you drive through, it looks like a third world country.

    These knee grows sit around on the front porches of their government houses, hang around on the corners, loiter by the gas station and the coin laundry, and stare at you like monkeys sitting on a tree in the jungle when you happen to drive by.

    It’s gross.

    In Wyoming, low income housing white people have been displaced and kicked out of their housing in Cheyenne and Casper, so that these rag head ‘refugees’ could move in. I think about three dozens of them.

  5. Send the blood thirsty cut throat criminals to Portland. Portland is full of clueless liberals who’d welcome the rag heads with city wide celebrations. And, the rag heads consider Portland a target rich environment: Full of homos and tall buildings. Win-win.

  6. I was born in Twin Falls in 1948. Idaho is a different kind of place. They might very well be surprised by the kind of resistance they encounter there.

  7. – Ann Corcoran has done an excellent job of exposing this particular type of human trafficking (well, that’s what I call it) by our wicked government. It is absolutely sickening to read about, but we must know in order to deal with it.

    Everyone needs this link, please share it with others. Check your state to find out how many “refugees” will be/have been stuffed there by O’hater’s administration cooperating with the UN, WITH THE HELP of several “Christian” organizations receiving your tax dollars to transform this country into a third world hell hole. The government awards contracts paying millions of tax dollars to “resettlement” groups, and, in many cases, these pathetic “refugees” seem to end up being taken advantage of rather than helped. Not to mention the culture shock they must go through!

  8. Citizens have no say. Our government has gone totalitarian. The time to have fought the tyranny was years ago.

  9. In case anyone may think my comment was unkind or unChristian toward refugees or the “Christian” organizations taking millions to resettle them. I am a Christian, but I have NEVER seen in the Word of God that we are to go and bring back other cultures. WE are told by Jesus to “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world.” Matthew 28:19-20. Led by God’s Holy Spirit, you GO to THEM, where there is need for shelter, food, clothing and water, you, with God’s help and His leading, provide, you teach them THERE, you disciple them THERE, then they will do the same for others and be transformed in their own homelands into a Godly people blessed of God. But you better be sure that you are hearing God as to where you should GO! Sadly, most churches have strayed so far from the Word of God, I don’t know if they will EVER find their way back. We left our church of nearly 20 years for that very reason. I began to research different denominations to be sure I never got involved in such falseness again, and I found that most churches are members of the National Council of Churches, and the World Council of Churches – both all tangled up with the UN and receiving their marching orders from the UN. I was horrified at the liberal garbage churches are swallowing and condoning, which is in direct opposition of the Word of God. I don’t know much, but I know to stay away from false churches and false teachers.

  10. Closure? I say give them some jihad with a rocket launcher and burn the mother to the ground. Forgive me, Fur. I don’t want them here.

  11. They seem to be very attracted to these Illegal alien centers so let’s just turn them into turd world rat traps, collect them and do an air drop back into the turd world where they came from?

    Why is this not a good plan?

  12. (Actually, that was Pelosi’s brainchild. She of the “democratic” party, because the other way sounds too close to demoCRAP.

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