Idaho’s Citizen’s Committee on Election Integrity Adds to Trump’s Recommendations at CPAC

Uncover DC: As much as the Marxists would like America to believe otherwise, the MAGA movement is alive and well, as evidenced by the enthusiastic patriots who converged in Orlando, Florida to attend the 2021 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). Wendi Strauch Mahoney was part of the UncoverDC team in attendance, and she wrote a great review of the conference (see CPAC 2021: America Uncanceled). It’s a recommended read.

As he did last year, Donald Trump closed out the conference with what sounded like a campaign speech. Naturally, the crowd was tuned in to Trump’s message, but so were the folks at home – myself among them. After attending CPAC last year and experiencing the buzz of the crowd during Trump’s address, this year I joined 31 million other Americans and watched Trump speak from afar.

One topic that caught my attention during Trump’s speech was what needs to be done to restore election integrity in the United States. Yes, despite the false narrative regularly regurgitated by the Marxist-friendly media and their cohorts in Congress, evidence of ballot manipulation in the 2020 election is overwhelming. Just read General Michael Flynn’s recent UncoverDC article on Election Integrity. That piece links to a website called Defending the Republic, where you can find a compilation of sworn affidavits outlining the “irregularities” that occurred.

Read any one of those affidavits and you’ll instantly know that the narrative being shoved down America’s throat that “no evidence exists” is an outright lie.

However, having attended a meeting at Idaho’s statehouse on Jan. 2 of the Citizen’s Committee on Election Integrity, I was curious to hear what Trump had to say about the subject. read more