Idaho’s Guv Has Message To Arriving Californians (satire)

The closed-captioning was inspired. Funny guy.

ht/ tony r

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  1. This guy has remarkable clarity on the mindset of a typical Californian. The problem is that saying to new expats ,”Don’t screw it up”, ain’t gonna cut it. This state has conditioned folks to accept non sequiturial bromides like ,”Diversity is our strength, there are no illegals, equity over equality, safety over freedom, etc”. They like high taxes and the government cowing corporations to adopt their woke culture. They will bring this mindset to your state if you let them.

    I’ve mentioned this before, the legislatures of red states should pass a law that anyone moving there from a blue state should be allowed to vote for 2 years. Unconstitutional? probably, but test it anyway, the red states are the only buffer we have.

  2. Rich Taylor, 12:57 –
    I’m suggesting an edit to the second paragraph… ‘not’ and ’20’.
    You’ll be able to see where they fit!

  3. “The β€œsign language” guy was better than any on tv.”
    It’s the same guy! Look closely.

  4. Difference in the beards are one is teased out and the other it patted back to make it appear denser.

  5. BOTTOM LINE: If you are leaving a shithole blue state,
    don’t bring your liberal (D)isease with you.

  6. Aw man.
    I’m glad I’ve seen ZZ Top a few times.
    Once, when I was in the Marines at Camp LeJuene, they came to North Carolina to a rodeo barn, along with Grand Funk Railroad.
    That was one of the most awesome shows I’ve ever seen.
    Especially memorable to me was Dusty Hill’s bass line at the end of I’m Bad, I’m Nationwide.
    They were able to put so much bass punch into that barn.
    The best punchiest bass I’ve ever seen.

  7. These people are so sick in the head they think trashing another state is all in a day’s work. I’m a Texan, I know.


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