Identify The President! – IOTW Report

Identify The President!

Think you know a lot about past Presidents? Find out how much you really know & challenge your friends to beat your score!

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  1. How about “Which Kenyan born, closeted gay President was first to attempt to destroy the American way of life?”

    First caller wins…

  2. Most of these questions were about useless and trivial “facts”, and not about accomplishments or policies.

    Maybe the election wasn’t stolen after all. Maybe the electorate really is that dumb.

  3. Which married President banged everything he could get his hands on?

    A. Kennedy
    B. Clinton
    C. Obama (men only)
    D. All of the above

  4. Which non US national leader Has an emergency Blackface Go Bag so he can entertain at parties vacations?

  5. Which non USA national Leader Had a Boxing match on national TV against an Indigenous (native Indian) conservative senator who had a 2 pack a Day smoking habit that no one knew about?

  6. I could go on but…

    I only got 1 of the Presidential Questions correct.

    I am also a Dumb Ass.

  7. Some of y’all need to relax your anuses. Anusii?
    It’s just a lighthearted quiz. Go look at the rest of the Wall Builder site

  8. That was fun.
    3/6 but I learned 3 things.
    It’s a good day when you learn something.
    (not that I’ll remember)

    izlamo delenda est …

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