Idiot Bint Throws Hot Coffee On Non-Mask Wearer

Moron girl is on video throwing hot coffee at a guy and then claims she did it AFTER the man punched her boyfriend.

Then while calling cops they mention Trump – “Random Trump supporters.”


ht/ Bad Brad

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  1. Wonder what the cops did. Why is it so hard for liberals to understand when you physically assault someone they have the right to fight back.

  2. He posts regularly on TheDonald and everyone was up all night a few days ago as he worked out problems with downloading the video

    Refers to himself as Based Pepe

    His boss wears the Go Pro all the time because assholes have accosted him before for wearing a MAGA hat

  3. Wow, fucking REgressives are crazy.

    “I’m bleeding out of my face” yeah that’ll happen when you fuck with someone who ain’t going to be fucked with. What a pussy. And his fucking cunt GF got the whole thing started. Both are fucking cunts.

    I still would stick to a primary rule in my life, NEVER call the cops. But it was the cunts that called, correct?

    Just wow.

  4. That chick was lucky he was a gentleman and didn’t punch her face as she dug her claws into his arms and body.
    Soy boy has to hide behind the girl to avoid getting pummeled.

  5. I thought the entire purpose of masks was to wear them when you can’t be 6 ft away from others. They picked a fight over masks by violating the 6ft rule and then proceed to not wear a mask (Kevin didn’t have a mask on talking to cops). Brilliant.

    I commend the dudes tolerance to the situation and have learned from them, me personally would have thrown a much bigger fit. I wouldn’t have stopped until one of us or both of us were in a coma.

  6. Southern California beach towns seem to be the epicenter of decent for SoCal. They have a couple church groups that have held services on the beach with well over 2,000 people in attendance. And guess what they were doing? Singing. The PoPo tried to shut them down, but finally gave up. I believe this has happened for several consecutive Sundays.
    Us Northern Californians pretty much ignored the bull shit anyway unless you are entering a grocery store or restaurant. And then you wear the mask to get in and quickly remove it.
    My gym has a sign on the door, masks required. NOBODY wears them. In my little community there are always “recall Newsom” stations set up. And I’ve never driven passed one that didn’t have people signing the petitions. I’m holding out hope for Cali flipping this year.

  7. That dumb broad would have no teeth, even though I’ve never hit a woman in my long life. She instigated this, shielded herself with her boyfriend, and sucker-punched her victim while he punched her boyfriend– there would be no conversation after I responded, only sobbing and bleeding.

    If anyone assaults me without justification, I would respond like Cerberus with rabies. Because I never give anyone a reason to assault me.

    After visiting SoCal once, I never expect to see it again. Particularly since it’s 1000% worse than when I visited in 1993. For me, it may as well be Pockistan.

  8. I had followed it at thedonald and got all excited and then i was really let down.

    the victim should have really kicked the shit out of them. period. including the bitch who kept coming at him.

    but what really got me was how they came after him and stood over him calling the cops. he should have told them to stay away from him or they would be out cold on the sidewalk.

    then the cops came and said thedonald guy was the victim and asked if he wanted to press charges and he did not. I was greatly disappointed.

    He should have bashed their heads in in the first place in self defense and then he should have pressed charges.

    there is no way this shit is EVER going to stop unless they are taught a lesson. continually letting these mf off the hook only guarantees we’ll see more of it. and i mean guarantees.

    these people think saying the word nigger or not wearing a mask gives them the right to act like a state sanctioned policeman and beat the shit out of somebody. at the same time they think that when they beat the shit out of somebody, it is not a crime.

    There is no way we can coexist with these vermin.

  9. My mother taught me to never hit a girl (woman) FIRST: once she throws a punch she is then fair game so let her have it, she wants to fight a man then let her take it like a man.

  10. “Social media made you all way too comfortable with disrespecting people and not getting punched in the face for it.”

    Mike Tyson

    As for me, I got tired of chicks whose big fat mouth wrote checks they expected me to cash way back in my early 20s.

  11. Exactly Whitey White. If it was me, I’d have pressed charges and sought legal counsel. People have sued McDonalds over spilling hot coffee on themselves. This c@nt threw it in his face. We need to stop letting these fux get away with this.

  12. As usual, the cunt starts it expected her shithead boyfriend to protect her. This is why you should always carry a blade at least. That bitch totally deserved a slash across the face to teach her a fucking lesson she’d never forget about tossing hot coffee in people’s faces over bullshit.

  13. The stoopid bint thinks she can use the he-said she-said argument to claim that the other guy started it, BUT she forgets that there are plenty of other surveillance cameras that recorded the whole incident….ruh roh!

  14. Anyone wonder if the little slut tended to soy boys wounds before she went out and fucked someone else she respected a bit more that night?

  15. Unfortunately she has not learned her lesson. She didn’t get hurt. Next time she’ll think twice. And then do it again.

  16. You must understand that red diaper dopers think they have the intrinsic right to dictate acceptable social morality while having no personal morality themselves.

    To be a commie is to be a hypocrite, every single belief they have is a lie from their master Lucifer…


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