[UPDATE- He’s fired]: Idiot in Seattle Editing Room Doctored the President’s Face For Broadcast

Q13 FOX editor fired over doctored Trump address video.

A Q13 editor was fired Thursday, after it was revealed that they had doctored a clip of President Trump’s Tuesday Oval Office address.

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Original story:

These people are deranged and childish.

A guy was suspended pending an investigation.

It appears a guy put a filter on the president to distort his face and changed his face to an orange color.

(Hey jerks, if Trump was orange why did you have to alter the color?)

They also added a weird “lip licking” loop to the footage.

ht/ illustr8r

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  1. Imagine if someone had done something like that to the SCOAMF that preceded him all hell would have broken loose by now.

  2. I watch that news every once in a while for local news, plus they come on at 9:00, so I can be tucked in before 10:00. They really are the sorryest bunch of libs anyone can try to tolerate. They really suck, there is one guy in particular, no idea of his name, but he is an absolute POS snowflake sympathizer. His heart bleeds with everything he says.

  3. I was in a Twitter Battle last night with Rick Wilson. Whom I nicknamed Mr. Magoo. He didn’t appreciate my creativity. Actually it was pretty damn funny. “Just because I were Glasses”. No Mr. Potato Head, look in a mirror. I got bum rolled by about a bazillion of his idiot followers. My point, a barrier will stop illegals from crossing. Their point, what about airplanes, boats tunnels, and yes, points of entry? My response, “You’ve just eliminated a shit load of real estate so you can now focus on the areas you are talking about”
    Shortly after that I was suspended for 12 hours by Twitter. They’re still talking shit. I’ve seen this Rick Wilson on TV before. I remember I didn’t like him. But he claims to be a conservative. The only satisfaction I got out of the entire disaster is that he was not thrilled about his new nickname. I won’t do that again. Even though I believe these assholes need to be confronted. The Internet has created a lot of really brave opinionated mother fxckers. Political debates should be done face to face. Mr. Magoo fancies himself as a bad ass too.

  4. It’s really no different than a panel of 5 distinguished and qualified journalists per network reporting that everything he said was factually and/or morally incorrect.

  5. The video editor was “placed on leave while they investigate further”. Translation: He’s on paid vacation until the heat dies down.

  6. I rarely watch local news anymore. Sadly, I like(d) Q13’s morning show. The weather gal and traffic guy are amusing but overall there’s too much 12th Man rah rahing for me and now this…guess I’ll stick to my phone and read/listen to what I want.

    The hate that people have for Trump is astonishing. They don’t know why. They just hate because it’s the thing to do. I hope the film editors and those who approved its airing get fired. Fat chance though.

  7. I just called KCPQ Seattle (where this supposedly aired) and spoke with a person who took my name and phone number.

    He said that they have been getting quite a few calls from upset people, that he “knows for sure” that there was no editing done to that footage by anyone at the station. He said that they get the live feed and broadcast it live from that feed. Even though KCPQ is a Fox affiliate, I asked him where they got their feed and he said, “either CNN or Fox News.”

    So if they didn’t edit it….that can mean only two things: either they are lying or CNN or Fox News doctored the downline feed.

    Or…this is a hoax.

    KCPQ Fox/Seattle : 206.674.1313, Option 2 for the News room

  8. It’s a fact the video was doctored,
    but it was morally incorrect.

    Language even a democrat socialist can understand.

    No, wait, I still fuxed it up, try again…

    The video was factually incorrect,
    but morally correct if you were watching from a cry space and have no God.

  9. Call KCPQ (number under my comment) and complain! Nothing will change until we kick back. Dore Monson on radio KTTH/Seattle spent time on this story today. Call KCPQ. Don’t let them think they can get away with this. It doesn’t matter where the feed came from if THEY aired it without an apology.

  10. They have been getting calls since last night.
    Remember they wanted to edit P.Trump during his address so they did.
    I called and the guy told me that they were looking into it.
    I will make a return call.
    This is the local Fox station seen by at least 500,000.

  11. @Carter — “I can’t believe you erudites didn’t watch TRUMPTUBE.TV”

    What’s your point? We’re talking about an FCC-licensed “news” provider potentially making a big mistake thinking it can play grabass games with a presidential address just because they feel like it and have the platform at their disposal.

  12. He should be pilloried. Imagine putting a white face on the black jesus. He woulda been shot within 10 minutes.

  13. I’ve seen many videos of Obama with his purple BJ lips. But there wasn’t any filter used to make them purple.

  14. Trump’s ancestry is Norse, Celtic Scots, German, and maybe a little Norman. I am of similar ancestry and consider references to my, similar, skin color discriminatory and racist.

  15. If they keep this guy on the payroll, it leaves only one question; When is their broadcast license up for renewal?

  16. The FCC should pull the station’s license. Because they broadcast misinformation.

    AFTER an investigation, their broadcast could be resumed if it’s proven they were victims of a doctored feed.

    or else the question is: What does the FCC do?!

  17. Unfortunately, everyone, TV stations ‘news’ is protected by free speech/1A. The FCC can’t do anything about it.
    Now if they don’t put the emails and letters complaining about this in their Public Information File, the FCC can do something about that. Big fines. And that’s the kind of thing the FCC does.

  18. This is small time. Just wait for the Meuller report with “video evidence” mocked up by experts of the president urinating on hookers with a mushroom shaped member. Maybe in October. Yeah,that’s the ticket.

  19. Dear Carter — Kiss my ass.

    I’m not wrapping myself around the axel of fake news. I’m one of the people who actually called KCPQ to complain, dummy.

  20. Update on this story: The guy who edited the segment for a later broadcast story has been fired. They haven’t released his name.

    I called the station manager this afternoon to insist they make an on-air apology to their viewers because they delivered fake news instead of truthful news and because it’s not right for them to just let this story slide. Told the station that we all know that everyone involved in the broadcast of that film was laughing at us.

    You can call too. 206.674-1313. Or you can hurl insults, like Carter, here.

  21. Burner, that’s probably the first time I’ve ever heard anyone reference the Public Information File that commercial broadcasters must have and keep current.

  22. I don’t know crap about how a broadcast studio operates. But it seems to me they would have some sort of process/quality control over whats being sent over the airwaves. I would also think there would be multiple people involved in that process, real time. Is the type of equipment required to distort video standard equipment in a studio like this? Was the janitor a sacrificial firing? So many questions. Inquiring minds want to know.

  23. BB — Even at the large affiliates, a trusted editor works alone. BUT — the producer and the on-air talent (if you can call it that) should have immediately apologized for the poor quality of what ran. They did this story Tuesday night about two hours after the live speech. They already knew on Wednesday night — after KTTH’s Todd Hermon ran the story on local radio — that their editor for that program did the deed, and yet KCPQ’s guy told me he knew “for sure that no one at the station edited the film” when I called last night to complain. Lying liars.

  24. Firing is not enough. Dox him and make him write a groveling apology, like they did to that poor guy who made the CNN Knockout video.

  25. Good. We need more of this. Jim Acosta should be fired too, because he’s a smart asshole. And all these other lying, hateful assholes like Brian Stelser, Manacumb Madcow, Donna Lemone, Spuittles Matthews, Slo Joe and Mica, George Steponmydkpolis, Neanderthal Cooper, Janita Williams, Jerkof Rivera, and a horde of others should be put on notice to cut the shit out. Help our President, don’t hinder him. A pox on all your houses if you don’t change your attitudes. And you Tom Steyer, spend your ill gotten gains wisely. Don’t waste them on trying to impeach our President. you asswipe.

  26. If they haven’t released his name I don’t believe it. Do they think we are just going to believe it because they said so? Not me, they are lying liars.

  27. Dear Abby,
    Your commitment to the cause is strong, defending honor to the death, with pluck and a pair of scissors.
    I hope with you that we have seen the last of the lip licker.


  28. There is a problem at all borders. We have a problem with disease coming through with people un checked. That to me is a big problem. But the Democrats in our government, along with some Republicans do not see this as a problem. The media will not address the problem of disease. They are simply afraid. They don’t dare address it, because that would be “racist.” But the fact of the matter is, if America does not check for disease,and prevent diseased people from entering, there is a problem. Legal immigrants have a medical report and a police report, and, at least, America has an idea of who is coming in. It used to be that a person who desired to become an American, usually had a sponsor,
    A person who would affirm in writing that the immigrant would not become a Ward of the State, in other words he/she would not immediately go on welfare or social security. Which is happening today. Come on in, and apply .

  29. I watched until the skinny guy got his ball sack squeezed. Who won? That didn’t exactly look like the headline event at the MGM Grand.

  30. BB — The first rule to apply to bullies, as you know, is to call them out. If we do this every single time these things happen, they’ll start thinking twice about doing this stuff. But the big problem is that everyone seems to think that someone else will do it, so why bother. That’s why I’ve posted KCPQ’s phone number a couple of times so that more people will call them. They won’t respond to a few calls, but they can’t ignore a flood of them. And that’s what happened. They got flooded with complaints. Now we need to insist on an on-air apology.

  31. AA, I’ll call tomorrow. However I’m not sure my 916 area code will have much of an impact.
    AA, you need to join Twitter and get in the fight. Twitter is an important battle ground, if not the battle ground. Ask Pinko. You’d be really good at it. If you want I’ll send you whom to watch. I suck at it. To much bull in a china closet, not enough patience. I’m now on a week suspension because of the Mr. Magoo ordeal, who mind you. claims to be a conservative.


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