Idiot Leftist Rewrites, “God Bless The USA”


On Saturday, a young, gay, anti-Trump white woman posted a TikTok video depicting her and another young white woman singing an anti-American rendition of Lee Greenwood’s classic patriotic song, “God Bless the USA.”

“I’m ashamed to be an American where not all folks are free, and I won’t forget the enslaved who died and built this place for free, so I proudly lift up all the folks who are still oppressed today, because there ain’t no doubt this ain’t our land, f–k Trump and f–k the USA,” the duo sang. More

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  1. It’s always stupid, fat, ugly girls doing this shit… always. Every destructive cult in US history was driven by the imbecilic energy of insufferable dumb cunts and pussy-whipped men… every… single… one.

  2. I will buy both of ‘Em an air plane
    ticket to any country in the world.
    ONE FRIGGIN’ WAY! Only 9% of the population
    ever owned slaves.Black slaves were mostly used
    for ag and never built anything.

  3. Dear Fat White Girls (@midwestqueer):
    Try curtailing the massive amount of food you consume, get some exercise, bathe, and you might be able to attract a penis. Life will be good.

  4. It’s too feeble and childish an attempt to stir anger for me to get a rise out of. Sorry, you creature, it didn’t work.

  5. People like this, all those leftist activists from BLM to the ones like this :

    If you ever meet them just ask them a simple question, “If you get you’re way, who will feed you?”.

    The answer should be interesting if they can come up with one.

  6. All of these people who hate our country, black, white, Indian, Asian, Hispanic, whatever the hell they are, why don’t they just get the hell out?

    My Indian ancestors as well as my white ancestors owned slaves, some fought for the South and some fought for the North, but I am not responsible for what any of them did. My white ancestors fought my Indian ancestors, my white ancestors forced my Indian ancestors on the Walk of Tears. Should my Indian blood fight my white blood? They all were Americans though and that’s what we all should be today. We should quit trying to fight wars that were fought and won or lost years ago. Our history is what it is, it’s what makes our country what it is. We should all be equal, one race shouldn’t be given a job or a scholarship or free college because of their race. So I love my country with all of it’s warts of the past. It’s the greatest country on earth. We should remember all of our American ancestors because all of them were Americans.

    So if you hate my country and you want to erase my country’s history then go elsewhere.

  7. Best to be quiet, and thought an idiot than to open your mouth – and remove all doubt. 🙄

    – Some dead white guy – 🙄 🙄

  8. ignorance is bliss
    they must be pretty blissful

    they must have not ever read a real history book
    this is what is taught in our schools by teachers more ignorant than the students

    nothing but indoctrination

  9. Besides jailed criminals, who, exactly, isn’t ‘free?’

    I guess people with mental illness are often enslaved by it.

  10. Four years ago the President was a half-Black man in his last of 8 years in the White House; what did these Idiot Women think of the USA then ? What about the “oppressed” and “enslaved” then ?? Or did this shit all just happen since Jan 2017 ??

  11. Those two have enough hair on their asses to weave an Indian blanket. Oops, sorry; Native American blanket.

  12. Their stupidity is staggering…. maybe even mind-numbing! They don’t even realize in many other countries on this planet they would be thrown in prison for doing what they just did!

  13. They are inferior. They can’t help but make a sham of everything they are involved in.

    They require ‘diversity’ because otherwise nobody would associate with them.

  14. @Radio

    Exactly. How do reparations get calculated when the slaves had no property to lose? Their lost wages can’t be calculated either because they had no wages.

    How many people, how many hours of work, over how many years, and at what hourly rate is not able to be calculated with any accuracy.

    The slaves only gained materially after their liberation.

  15. Talk about being ‘ashamed’.
    There no one to be more ashamed of than these loser narcissitic smugnoramouses.

    What are we going to do with them? They’re mostly woman, mostly under-employable, and mostly un-marriable.

  16. I wish to see photographs of the parents who trophy raised these good for nothings. I can already see them.

  17. These ‘oppressed’ idiots would collapse in a sea of tears if their iPhones stopped working for a minute. What losers.

  18. @Bad_Brad July 6, 2020 at 4:26 pm

    > Life will be good.

    Not for whatever’s still attached to that penis.

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