Idiot Progressives Praise New Decadent Teen Drama on HBO

The Culture Chronicles- I’m not sure if the creators of HBO’s new show Euphoria were setting out to expose the shocking depths of modern youth culture or instead to further glorify emotional dysfunction and degeneracy, but either way the show is an indictment of the ruin that far-left Progressive social ideas have brought upon our children.

Perhaps Progressives are blinded by the fact that the show depicts trans girls and rampant sex hook-ups so they feel it must be a positive show, all the while missing the fact that despite everybody in the show living the Progressive dream, they are all miserable because of it.

What makes this all so strange is the Progressive crowd seems to be loving the show and the message it’s sending despite the fact that it seems to be an indictment of decades of Progressive cultural norms that have been pushed on our youth and now we are seeing the ramifications.


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  1. Ths saddest thing is that there is so much support for stuff like this.

    Oh, people may give some lip service about it, but how many of them actually take effective actions like in cancelling their service?

    I’m guessing very few, not enough to have any impact.

    Sure some will feign moral outrage, but they’ll keep on giving their money to those they claim that outrage against.

  2. HBO has always been vulgar and crass from the time cable TV became popular back in the 70′ and 80’s. With the possible exception of Band of Brothers and the John Adams miniseries it’s been mostly crap. We do not have HBO nor do I want it.

  3. HBO specifically (and Hollywood in general) strives to promote a culture that is unrecognizable to most people; moral relativism, rampant drug use, narcissistic, promiscuous, adulterous,a promotion of the homosexual agenda, and a belief that the world is great in spite of America, not because of it. They have inculcated their values into that segment of society that was morally weak to begin with, the left. These values to not inhibit, judge, or quantify bad behavior, they celebrate it. And boy o boy do they hate Christians.

    HBO sans anything with dragons in it is detritus, nobody here should be putting a dime in their pocket to promote their garbage agenda.

  4. Any remaining questions of why they were hell bent on driving God out of the public schools, and the public square for that matter, have been answered. In other news from lovely progdom we have this: Man catfished an Alaska teen and convinced her to kill for $9M, police say

    And… wouldn’t ya’ know when you look a bit deeper, especially in the British press the perps are obviously a bunch of fucked up “emo” freaks.

  5. I’ll never watch it, I don’t have HBO. It sounds low, low, low. The perfect thing for liberals who already have their noses scraping the bottom of the dumpster.

  6. The disgusting thing is how many children (because 16/17/18/19 year olds are still children, especially with how they’ve been raised) are affected and abused by this depravity and propaganda.

    The need to feel included, special, different… instead of sharpening talents or skills. They recess back into their shells and take a pill because mom and dad don’t give a shit enough to teach them otherwise.

    They experiment with all sorts of unusual and unnatural sex because they want to be seen as accepting and are taught that to question is to sin. And that to abstain is to miss out.

    They shy away from christianity because they’re taught that Christians are bigots who say that there are only two genders and two sexual identities. (How dare)

    Brainwashed, love starved, lonely, self loathing creatures is what they are, and I pray that they find Jesus and that he can give them comfort and healing.

  7. Going way back here however, I cut the cable on HBO decades ago. Was never worth the extra back then $9.95 a month to assist major stock holders to nepotistic-ally employ their talentless children and relatives to keep them out of their basements.
    Still makes me smile when cable outlets/providers offer when signing up you’ll receive HBO for 6 months free.
    HBO portends they have a 100 million subscriptions,

  8. Liberals are always “open-minded”, non-judgemental, and have basically no standards of right or wrong….

    When it comes to themselves…

  9. Man has been listening to “ear tickling” words, stories and doctrine since the Garden. Anyone who is honest with themselves that when YHWH states that the heart of man is continually evil, it was not just rhetoric or hyperbole. It is the ever present desire to serve SELF.

    This degradation of morals/society/culture is the ONLY way things can go, until the fierce anger of YHWH is kindled and His appointed time(s) come about.

    Those who are supposed to be “shepherds” of THE flock, will receive the greatest condemnation, but even the sheep will have to pass under the rod. Do we not have the Holy Spirit and His Word to guide us? Trusting in the doctrines and traditions of men will not be an excuse.

    Those who call themselves “the church” and followers of the Messiah, will be judged, if there is no repentance. It seems that since the Scope’s trial, “churchianity” stopped fighting against the evil’s of this world and just tried to blend in. Hows has that worked out for us? Oh yeah, that is what this thread is about.

    Yes, there is a big fat finger pointing my way too!!

    There are more than these 2, but you will get the gist.

    Jeremiah 23:1-4
    Jeremiah 50:6

    Shalom Aleichem

  10. The idea is to destroy our soceity, so they can seize it.

    Remember: by any means necessary…

    Anyone who doesn’t get it that we’re in a war for our very way of life has their head up their rear-end (the likes of romney and the koch brothers) or is part of the left and counting on a commissar position one day.


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