Idiot Trademarks His Idiotic Image

Nothing says you’re angry at America for perceived injustices more than marketing your anger to the capitalists you despise.

What a dopey bastard.

Canada Free Press-

Colin Kaepernick has filed an application to trademark a black-and-white image of his face and hair, according to U.S. Patent and Trademark Office records.

According to the application, Kaepernick is considering using the mark on a wide variety of items, from candles and shampoo bottles to clothes, mugs and backpacks. He may also use the mark in conjunction with “providing classes, workshops, seminars and camps in the field of self empowerment and awareness to properly interact with law enforcement” and the “production of television shows and films,” according to USPTO records.

The trademark application, which was first reported by ESPN, comes a little more than a month after Kaepernick was featured in a Nike advertising campaign.

Kaepernick, who remains a free agent and has filed a collusion grievance against NFL owners, also sought to previously trademark “I’m With Kap” for use on clothing. That application was filed in August.


I’d buy the Kaepernick toilet brush..

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  1. I had a host of things to say but I keep looking at the toilet brush and anything I can come up falls utterly short. Well done and well played.

  2. Go for it, dude.

    Don’tcha just love America? Any fuckin moron can make his fortune!
    Even make your fortune by HATING America!
    Gotta love it – though the irony is lost on the stupid.

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. Lol. He could make a fortune as Chia Colin, or one of those boot cleaner things you put outside the door to wipe the deer crap off of your boot.😏
    Just looking out for his future, because he might not have one in any other way except as a joke.

  4. That toilet brush handle should be covered in tats. I couldn’t stand to have one in my house unless it was an outhouse.

    a non a moose

  5. It’s too easy for commie trash to make a profit in this country, that will in turn be used to support anti-American traitorous endeavors.

  6. FYI: None of my cliks worked on this page.

    The correct spelling of his first name is Colon. You could also say poop shoot. Why does he want to copy write a 60s hair do? What an are sole!

  7. That Afro reminds me of being a busboy in a prime rib restaurant in 1977 in the DC suburbs. The restaurant served a ramekin of horseradish sauce with the prime rib.

    My coworker, Art cleared a large table of….hmmm… what were they calling themselves back then, blacks I think, when the ramekin of white horseradish sauce slid off the plate, flipped upside down in mid air and landed squarely into a Kaepernick style Afro.

    I witnessed the incident in slow motion.


    That Afro deflated like a fallen soufflé and the table became instantly silent except for the gasping.

    I ran into the next room doing my best to not burst out laughing.

    Funny. 40 years later and Art and I are still best friends.

  8. Twatwaffle ain’t getting a penny from me. Apparently pussyhats, BLMs, and MeToos and their money are soon parted.
    They forgot they no longer have obozo to pay for their phones.

  9. Looks like a GREAT range target!
    It’s a circle of “afro” with the center being EXACTLY between his beady, evil eyes!
    I copied the pic, and am taking it to the outdoor range tomorrow to break in my .50 caliber rifle.

  10. Nike’s Billion Dollar Man was tired of not getting his piece of that sweet, sweet black neighborhood bootleg t-shirt money.

    I drove by one yesterday that had him on a shirt in their window. The Alki-bulani Store. For all your bean pie and bowtie needs.

    He had a long-term relationship with a dude with breast implants. Why does no one talk about that when they’re wearing a shirt with his image. I’d wager his DJ girlfriend is more of a beard than the one on his face.

    He makes Michael Sam look like Fred Williamson.

  11. Having an official logo makes parodying the image that much more securely legal.

    You know, like making the silhouette into an ejaculating penis. It’s just parody and not slander or defamation.

    Yes, there’s a silver lining to every cloud.

  12. This just proves, beyond a shadow of a doubt, there is nobody as vile in the USA as he says there are.
    Well, maybe Progs.

  13. … and we have another punchable face. Colon Peckerneck. Dude’s image looks like a high school shop class attempt at circumcision.

  14. He better get with it. Replicas are all over San Francisco’s sidewalks. Shit shovelers can’t keep up. Call-In-Crapernick reports are overwhelming.

  15. With his head, he should to the beach when it’s sunny and offer his head as a sun block or umbrella.

    His advertising sign: Rent my head – just $2 an hour.

    I mean, he’ll never play football again, He’s damaged goods, and probably has damaged hair. The beach gig might be a good one for him.

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