Idiotic Daily Mail On the Wrong Side of an Issue, as Usual

The Daily Mail reports that Ann Coulter, who was bounced out of her reserved preferred seating on Delta Airlines and replaced with a different passenger, was “griping’ on Twitter over thirty dollars.”

What the hell does the money have to do with anything?

It could have been 30¢. Delta advertises that they have preferred seating for a fee. She paid it. They dumped her out of the seat after she was seated.

Here are Delta’s ridiculous tweets at Coulter.

No, idiots. Considering your attitude, Coulters insults about the employees are necessary.  

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  1. It’s better not to make a scene and engage in twitter fight. It makes you look hysterical and reinforces negative sterotypes of you. Ann, just write a scathing takedown of airline policy and practices. You’re not special, just the latest victim of Imperious Airlines: “Suffering your presence as long as it pleases Us.”

  2. I know for a fact that Delta has, over many years, become an extremely Liberally run airline. They have rainbow flags displayed proudly over their general offices. So I would not be surprised if Flight attendent “Light-in-the-Loafers Larry” conspired with like minded Delta crew to harrass Ms. Coulter.

  3. Surprised that Coulter travels tourist class. She’s a first class person in my book,

  4. I have nothing but contempt for the airlines anymore. Doesn’t seem to matter what length’s you go to in efforts to make a flight as smooth as possible, they’ll find a way to stress you to the limits of endurance. I’d rather take rollerskates across country than pay them for such shabby treatment.

  5. ON a related note, I am concerned about the privatization of air traffic control. This is power grab by the airlines, pure and simple, and they have been trying to make it work for more than a decade. They have used half-truths and worse to convince the chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee that this idea is good for the country. And he is now promoting it as an essential step in modernizing U.S. ATC. This is one of many fictions perpetrated by the airlines to take control of our national airspace.

  6. I’m really surprised Delta stepped into a Twitter war with Coulter. These insular slob companies on the Left just don’t get the power of the conservative right. Reebok, etc. Dumb. They’re about to get an education.

  7. riverlife_callie:
    “I would like Delta to explain WHY they put the little brown person in Ann’s seat.”

    I think you answered your own question.

  8. I read that they put AC in a seat across the aisle from her originally selected seat, a location with the same extra leg room, and the reason was to put the other female passenger next to her family members.

    I think the airline erred in their approach to AC…maybe if they’d explained and asked her to change she would have been gracious enough to accommodate this family.

    I’m not an AC fan, and I think her behavior is pretty over-the-top. But if you’re an attention seeker and looking to stir things up, then it was low-hanging-fruit.

  9. Dachshund-legged woman. LOLOL!!!
    Delta is uncoordinated as hell anyway. I once watched someone with a paid assigned seat get bounced for someone on stand-by.

  10. Oh and Delta should not have tweeted anything out. That was dumb because they’re not in a position to win any argument seeing as both the left and right have complaints about airlines lately.

  11. @Anonympous: I love Southwest and fly only with them. However, I’ve got two flights coming up, one with Air Canada and the other with American. I’ve flown Air Canada before with no problems, American – I haven’t flown with them in 40 years so I’m hoping nothing happens.

  12. I read that they put AC in a seat across the aisle from her originally selected seat, a location with the same extra leg room, and the reason was to put the other female passenger next to her family members.>>>

    Wouldn’t matter to me one bit if this was the case. She PAID TO HAVE HER ASSIGNED SEAT. This is a service they provide.
    She spent the time researching what seat she wanted and picked it and paid for it.
    Some planes have the sun in your eyes on the left or right side for the whole flight.
    Some people are superstitious, etc.

    The person that wanted to sit with the family should have paid for reserved seating. They didn’t, Ann did, and the airline just said, “Oh well, fuck you, the family sits together.”

  13. Moving Coulter was a last-minute move by either the aisle Flight Attendant or some individual Gate Agent who nowadays is a high turnover low paid position.

    But the irritatingly antagonistic public official Tweet response from Delta is beyond SJW-stupid.
    Most corporate social media PR departments are now overwhelmingly female and Millenial.
    They think and react and respond like the SJW sorority brats they are.

  14. Like Seinfeld did about so many other topics, he hails it:
    “…they know how to TAKE a reservation, but they don’t know how to HOLD a reservation. And that’s the most important part!”

    What does that ADDED FEE get you?!! A reserved seat as long as NO ONE ELSE wants it?!
    Perhaps there should be a Class Action (nuissance, admitedly) Lawsuit on behalf of everyone who has ever paid Delta their fee (bakshish), for a non-existant special status.

  15. Remember all the stories about long delays, lost bags and damaged musical instruments, then United having a man dragged off…now Delta basically violating a contract. These are the very same corporations who will OWN the Air Traffic Control (ATC) system if the so-called privatization is allowed to pass, even though they are a small minority of aircraft operating within the system.

    Just think Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, and you’ll understand the frightening danger an unelected and unaccountable, not-for-profit, privately run corporation controlling our ATC represents. Remember, even not-for-profit corporations still have to worry about making money. And that will supersede concerns for quality and your convenience.

    Please dear and good friends, let your Congressmen and Senators know you oppose this ill-advised and untenable corporate takeover of our ATC. A system by the way which is currently the best and safest in the world. But for how long?

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