Idiotic Professor Uses Fancy Words To Explain Why Shutting Down Ann Coulter Is Not Denying Free Speech

This man is an abject moron. He’s over-educated in buzzwords and bereft of any logic or ability to see his own idiocy.

Must see—>

18 Comments on Idiotic Professor Uses Fancy Words To Explain Why Shutting Down Ann Coulter Is Not Denying Free Speech

  1. Free speech for me (a liberal), but not for thee (a “conservative”). This guy is too stooooopid to grasp that he has been fully indoctrinated into leftist dogma and he mindlessly spouts it as his supposedly “educated” worldview.

    I don’t remember my professors in college being 30 years old or less (at least looking and acting like it) and not being as “wise” in the “ways of the world” as I was in my early 20’s.

  2. Colby College…. wow sounds like a real bastion of intellectualism and free thinking. That is another place that will squeeze mom and dad for $60K to brainwash junior with morons like this professor. Pathetic.

  3. Bet that soft looking pansy boy
    ain’t never did a lick of real
    work with his back & hands.

  4. Not that brite April 27, 2017 at 3:09 am

    Idiotic professor?
    Isn’t that an oxymorgan?

    With this professor, I think redundant is the word that applies.

    While the definition of professor would make it an oxymoron, your question assumes a lefty professor isn’t a moron. I disagree.

    I’m looking past what I think is a typo, or did you really mean oxymorgan. If that’s what you meant, then never mind. I don’t know what that is.

  5. I watched part of this interview last night. I had the impression that this guy’s smug attitude comes from the fact that he and other’s of the same mind set currently occupy academia and the best Tucker or any of us outside the system can do is point out their hypocrisy. They don’t care what we think, they are going to go on and rationalize their support for stifling free speech on their campuses.

  6. This guy is a liberal arts professor, so he can say or write anything he wants without concern for logic or consistency so long as he uses big words that mean nothing. But the fact of the matter is that vetting speakers based on the “quality” of the speaker is still facism with a weak excuse.

    The quality of a speaker is judged by attendance, and this is really what leftists are worried about. Ann Coulter would probably draw a large crowd, and her popularity undercuts the left’s claim that only a small minority of people are unintelligent enough to listen to such a person. That fact that the left has to forcibly shut down opposing viewpoints only highlights the idiocy of their own views and policies.

  7. I didn’t hear any words I didn’t understand from this fags mouth, all I heard was some smug asshole decide he’s the arbiter of rational thought and ideas.

    just like all the other smug assholes who think their opinion is the only correct one because they say so based on their ideal of what a societal construct should be, all love, peace, diversity, multi cultural with no personal responsibility, and no self sufficiency.

  8. I’m assuming that’s facial hair he is attempting to grow and not a lack of hygiene. My suggestion for him is to shave several times a day, using a blade….dry, no lotion, instead of a shaver. If he does that, by the time he hits puberty, he should have a full growth. Your welcome.

  9. And speaking of the ‘antifa’ shutting down campuses, violently, I’d like to see everyone complete the term ‘antifa’ to the match their reality, ‘ANTI-FACTS’. Uneducated college thugs can’t even spell!

  10. “….turning institutions of higher education into kind of a wild West style, free capitulation of the internet.” WTF does that even mean?? I just see a pathetic, over-educated, intellectually deficient liberal trying to gain some notoriety in a debate that he simply can’t win. It’s just boggling that they award phDs to idiots like this…sheesh. Just move away from the fading lime-light back into your dismal little hole of an office, you moron.


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