Idiotic Report Says Trump is Lying About Elizabeth Warren Challenge

The Hill really is an execrable rag. Here is their headline-

Trump denies offering $1 million for Warren DNA test, even though he did.

No. Nice try, ya fake news filth.

Trump did NOT deny making the million dollar offer. Rags like yours are leaving people with that impression. Trump denies making a million dollar offer WITHOUT QUALIFIERS.

This is what Trump is saying to the people accusing him of lying-

Here is the speech, and Trump is absolutely correct-

The most obvious and important part that leftist morons are leaving out is that Trump said he’d pay her charity if she proved she was native American. She hasn’t done that.

He didn’t just offer her the money for merely taking the test…


Trump always manages to make the opposition look like imbeciles, doesn’t he?


15 Comments on Idiotic Report Says Trump is Lying About Elizabeth Warren Challenge

  1. My only question is whether the Lying Leftist Media is going to call the Cherokee Nation
    1) White Supremacist, or
    2) not authentic Indian

  2. This goes along with every other take they have through their distorted and warped view of reality. They’re really clutching at straws with this one.

  3. She just verified Trump’s claim that he probably has more American Indian blood in him, and he doesn’t HAVE ANY! And he’s gonna rub her nose in it for YEARS!

  4. Careful what you gloat about, Liz (and your cheerleader journos). You may think you’ve successfully jumped through Trump’s hoop, but you’d be wrong. I wonder where Barky’s fake-ass BC is now. He was pretty smug about that stunt, as I recall. How’d that work out for him in the long run?

  5. Again it’s the definition of truth with the media. Warren is as much “Indian” as anyone else can claim to be but that doesn’t mean she can claim to be genetically Indian in the way she has claimed to be.

    Lyiar! Lyiar! Teepee on Fire!

  6. Seriously, the media is not revisiting Barky’s Sick BC Burn on Trump. Why is that? This is normally the time when they’d be recounting epic victories over Trump. And that one was the biggest ever…right?

  7. “Trump always manages to make the opposition look like imbeciles, doesn’t he?”

    I think he brilliantly allows the left to shine forth in all of their idiocratic commie dogma. He really doesn’t do anything, except stand aside, wait for it, and then reiterates the left’s punchline. Brilliant.

  8. Leftists historically believe in the “one drop rule” regarding bloodlines and their racial purity tests.

    Jim Crow Democrats, Nazis, etc.

    They’re just following their ideological family’s tradition.

    If you ain’t 100% white, youssa niggra. Or in Warren’s case, some mulatto. Your modern day Democrats bear a striking resemblance to their predecessors.

    I knew she wrote a “native american” inspired cookbook but to name it “Pow Wow Chow”?

    Jesus. Good thing she wasn’t claiming to be black.


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