Idiotic TV Show Plot Has Surgeon Implanting Uterus In Men For Revenge


It turns out network television isn’t done lecturing us on abortion yet. We’ve had series after series come at us with pro-abortion stories, but NBC’s The Blacklist may have brought us the strangest case of them all. Let’s just say if this is where the propaganda is headed, liberals should stick to copying The Handmaid’s Tale.

The November 15 episode “Hannah Hayes” concerns the strange case of a kidnapped governor reappearing on the day of a new election. The governor, however, isn’t sharing any details of his abduction, forcing the FBI to investigate the crime on their own. The agents soon come across similar high-profile male kidnapping victims, learning that they all share the same politically conservative background. By narrowing it down, they find one victim willing to discuss what happened to him.

Here’s the part where it gets weird. It turns out that a doctor named Hannah Hayes (Stacey Roca) has kidnapped the men to surgically impregnate them. She inserts a uterus into their bodies, implants an embryo, and then holds them hostage until they can no longer abort under fetal heartbeat laws in their states. This is to protest her own treatment after she was raped and then apparently jailed for trying to defy late-term abortion laws to end her pregnancy.

If you think that sounds crazy, you should hear Hannah herself explain her actions after being confronted by FBI agents on her multiple crimes.

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  1. Let me guess how this ends. The head of the FBI decides there was no intent. The AG refuses to prosecute and the chief justice of the SC breaks down in tears and demands he be allowed to have a uterus. Do I win any IOTW bucks?

  2. Damnit!!! I missed it, I hope I can find a rerun. But all is not lost, we got a box of tissues handy and watched Brokeback Mountain again.

  3. Gaia how I wish I was that surgeon, I would force all men to carry babies so I could force them into back alley abortions because controlling other people’s bodies agaisnt their will WROMG!

  4. Hm. Nice outside the box idea. Let’s start this with 1st grade boys. That’ll DOUBLE our future clientele and profits! All we need is another President with a phone and pen.

  5. Only an incredibly self righteous leftist could come up with such a sickening and tone deaf scenario.

    In what world would any person take the side of the murderous doctor character?
    Maybe a background check should be run on the person who wrote the episode… 🤨

    I smell a potential radical individual here. Somebody call the FBI.

  6. Forget it, Chuffed, it’s Hollywood, a town that has always been by perverts, for perverts. Besides, FBI is busy with the existential threat of ORANGEMANBAD.

  7. Making the pro-abortion people look like criminal psychopaths to own the cons.

    Yeah, I don’t think that’s the message they meant to go with.

  8. Coming soon, the new Frankenstein gender, one size fits all. That should help planned parenthood with sales in baby parts.

  9. What’s so amazing to me is the number of people out there who are stupid enough to actually watch crap like this on TV…

  10. I like the Blacklist. Raymond “Red” Reddington (James Spader) is the perfect enigmatic character. It was just one episode. I doubt that their intent was to influence society. Besides, the evil doctor was caught and the good guys won, again. Admit it, we all want a loyal body guard like Dembe. The twists in that show are well written.

  11. Most clinical professionals utterly hate when medical anything is represented by Hollywood. There are websites dedicated to disproving the bullshit churned out by these morons, sometimes they hire medical consultants.

    My question without watching this episode…. how did the surgeon control for the sequence of hormones generated over 9.5 months by various parts of a woman’s body required to sustain a pregnancy, having only implanted a uterus?


  12. So…she was raped, yet waited until late term before seeking an abortion, when she could have legally murdered the baby previous to that?

  13. I watched it. Dianny nailed it. However, it will resonate with the lefties because they think psychopathy is righteous.

    Don’t watch it for the science. They made that up like they always do.

    Odin 2013, another excellent “plot” point which the lefties will not see as stupid.

  14. Just another case of insanity, hate and revenge-think
    brought on by Lefty infantile intellect syndrome.
    This is what you get when a spiteful 4 year old brain
    remains locked in a grown body that “looks like” an adults.

  15. Of course, no woman has ever been jailed for having an abortion when she was raped in any state with a fetal heartbeat law and none ever will, but since do when facts matter for asshole prog motherfuckers writing Hollywood shit-scripts?

  16. Hate leftist propaganda with a passion. Love Sci-Fi, so a little conflicted. Agree with mickey moussaoui. The episode was a one off. “Blacklist” is basically, liberals (yes, even Spader’s psychotic “Red” character) vs. the Deep State operatives and meglomaniacs. The premise doesn’t include conservatives.
    The episode attempted to show extremes of the left and right, yet was an epic fail.
    The abortion storyline was an appeasement to leftists, but another storyline in the episode showed how the feminist super villian is insane with hate for men. You can’t expect an accurate potrayal of conservatism in a show produced in Hollyweird, unless conservatives control the production.


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