IEA Warns of Possible Gasoline Shortages and Need for Rationing – IOTW Report

IEA Warns of Possible Gasoline Shortages and Need for Rationing

CTH: Does anyone remember during the Jimmy Carter era when odd/even days on license plates to get gas? Well, if the International Energy Agency is accurate, and the issue extends into the U.S. as predicted by many industry insiders, we could very well see gasoline rationing once again. more here

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  1. While it’s miserable for us to live through this it’s fun to see the egomaniacal Obama getting his way and failing. I think he thought they could break us a lot easier.
    Sorry, not sorry buddy. Your backroom third term is a flop.

  2. I was in my early to mid 20’s and just got married in 1977 when Mr. Peanut became President. I do not miss him and no thanks for deposing the Shah of Iran and giving us the Ayatollahs. Up until barry and now joey I always thought he was our worst president ever, boy was I ever wrong.

  3. I remember the odd/even signs.

    I also remember the portable NO GAS signs.

    You can expect THOSE as well.

    They mean to destroy us.

    And they want to do it NOW.

  4. I also remember people shooting each other in those fucking lines.
    When they should have been shooting the politicians.

    A triumph of tyrannical nihilistic socialism.

    We learned NOTHING.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  5. By the way, there’s NO “shortage.”

    There’s politics – only politics.

    THIS is their agenda – shortages, hunger, deprivation, civil unrest, the invasion of rat-people, the destruction of America and Western Civilization.

    They CANNOT win without our tacit consent – our acquiescence.
    Once we allowed them to steal an election, we ceded our rights as citizens of a Republic.
    “The hungry sheep (that’s us) look up, and are not fed …”

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  6. Watermelons: green on the outside, red on the inside. They are destroying us. Call me naive but it will take one big event to change it all over night and bring sanity back.

  7. my dad had a reversible magnetic 6 – 9 for our NC plates in those days, so he could gas up any time!

  8. I Remember it quite clearly. Jimmy the Carter as we called him, who I save my snoopy dance for his death, was the last demorat that I voted for. may he rot in hell.
    Down here in the space coast area we had businesses destroyed by him and his policies and almost ours.
    While at the peak of the “Shortages” we had the sailors and crew of the oil ships visiting the area and telling us they were stuck waiting for someplace to put the oil and hoping it wouldn’t be too long so they could get back to their families.
    Same crap now. May all demorats rot in hell.
    Maybe some tar and feathers while they are here.

  9. Buy a Tesla today & barbecue meat will be on the menu. Rot in hell, good to see the sinility is working full force & you first you old fart!

  10. Neighbor couldn’t get his truck started the other day.
    Someone drilled a hole in his gas tank and took his gas. I’m now parking in my garage which is a pain as I have to pull mirrors in to clear door.

  11. And the FED is raising interest rates.
    It will take them some time to reach the 20% interest rate
    like the Carter years.

    Tough times, a big Garden and fishing trout lines every morning in the river to make sure my family of 4 ate.
    Lean times !
    Not particularly good memories or times.

  12. Prior to Jan 2021 we were drilling our own oil, refining gas and building pipelines for more capacity. There’s not a gas shortage, there is a lack of will to solve the problem.

  13. Jarhead Cracka JUNE 2, 2022 AT 8:58 AM
    “Prior to Jan 2021 we were drilling our own oil, refining gas and building pipelines for more capacity. There’s not a gas shortage, there is a lack of will to solve the problem.”

    …it’s not a lack of will.

    Democrats are actively, deliberately, intentionally standing in the way of solving THAT problem.

    Because they do not WANT it to be solved.

    Instead, they consider YOU to be the problem.

    Destroying your mobility, wrecking your finances, and ultimately starving you to death, to them, is “solving the problem”.

    Welcome to Communist America.

    Don’t get comfortable. You won’t be staying.

  14. Once you realize it’s all about creating a 2-tier system it all makes sense. All the so called problems are by design.

    Us and Them. Also known as the haves and have nots. There will be no more middle class. You’re going to either be piss poor or ultra rich. Unless you have a spare billion floating around already, you’re going to be piss poor.

  15. I do remember waiting hours in gas lines on odd/even days.
    And I remember reaching the pump and being told “sorry, we’re out of gas now”.

    On the bright side, I do believe there are more of us prepared for this now. My Pop lived through the depression and knew how to survive, but didn’t have guns and ammo.

  16. The difference between a recession and a depression is whether or not Democrats are in charge and who’s holding the microphone.
    Buckle up.
    At some point the big rigs are going to say I’m parking it.

  17. I was a teenager when the odd/even signs at gas stations came out. I also lived on a farm that had a gas and diesel tank. The odd/even had little to no effect in rural communities.

  18. There are no shortages. No legitimate ones. These are Withholding’s of Essentials by government tyranny.

  19. All part of Biden’s “incredible transition” which is a subset of Obama’s “fundamental transformation” which is all included in the Globalist’s plan for population reduction and world government. See also COVID, big pharma vaccination programs, supply chain restrictions, war in Ukraine, runaway inflation, social credit systems, stolen election, critical race theory, LGBT-ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ (why aren’t you proud?).

    And get vaccinated before we shove it up your ass!

  20. Already happening in parts of southern Indiana. Some stations are limiting customers to no more than 35 gallons. Don’t worry, it’ll only cost about $172.00. We are truly living in a world gone mad. People recently were saying “Let’s Go Brandon” & having a laugh. I say, “Fuck You, Joe Biden” & I am NOT laughing.


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