If anyone knows about distractions it’s the news media


Let’s be honest. The news media will portray President Trump simply doing his job as nothing but “distractions.”

If Trump signs a bill into law – it’s a distraction.

If he gives a speech on the opioid crisis – it’s a distraction.

Meeting with a world leader? Distraction!
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12 Comments on If anyone knows about distractions it’s the news media

  1. This republic cannot heal and will not survive the enemies within. Nothing but outright civil war and massive bloodshed could possibly fix it and that’s just not going to happen because the enemies of the republic are everywhere. Literally, everywhere.

    The ones who actively or passively or ignorantly work to install communism are all around us — multiple millions in number. And there’s more of them all the time for a simple reason many forget: communism appeals to the basest drives of human nature. Conservatism does not. That’s why it won’t happen and that’s why, in the long run, no hope.

  2. I was originally not a fan of Greg Gutfeld. I’ve change my mind. In fact I’ll go so far as to say him and Waters have the best two shows on FOX. That big black guy on Gutfelds show kills me.

  3. ” the enemies of the republic are everywhere. Literally, everywhere.”

    I think they call that at target rich environment. Somebody say when.

  4. Hey grool!

    What was it that Chesty Puller said when those Marines were surrounded?

    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  5. You can’t reason with people who receive tax cuts and reversals of policies that harm them but who still revert to programmed hate of the people and the philosophy that gives them tax cuts. There’s no human mind there to convince, the programming is too ingrained.

  6. unless it’s Trump/Russia or Trump/Hookers …. it’s a distraction

    democRat Media has turned into ‘The National Enquirer’ on steroids

  7. CB,

    Politics isn’t the answer. They’re everywhere, in every walk of American life, in every class and layer of social strata. They are literally everyone, people outwardly just like us. Tens of millions of them and few open to discussion. The populace has been corrupted enough to make the nation’s condition terminal.

    Said it before: a massive and clearly defined national split is the only way at least some of what was founded could be preserved. The U.S. would have to cease to exist. I don’t see it happening.

  8. @grool, they are.
    Somebody has to earn an extra half a loaf by being snitches in the communist America they want to bring about.
    I intend to fight. They will bring me Ale in Vallhalla
    But if it comes down to a shooting war, they better bring a million blue helmets, because I talked to a Painter the other day that took a bull elk from 450 yards. Iron sights. No Military training. Just Grew up doing it.
    Hillbilly America will eat the invaders.
    If they ever catch old Lazlo and put him in the Gulag, I intend to grow fat on a diet of surprised liberals, not sure how such a mistake was made to put them in there.


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