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If Barring White People From Getting The Monkeypox Shot Isn’t Racism, What Is It?

Federalist: The San Francisco Department of Public Health (SFDPH) hosted monkeypox vaccine pop-up clinics in the city’s South of Market region earlier this month. A flyer for the event, posted on the SFDPH official Twitter account, stated that in order to be eligible for the free shot, participants must “belong to one of the following priority populations: Black, Latinx, Indigenous, Person of Color, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, or a Current Sex Worker (all genders and orientations).” more here.

SNIP: Maybe because the SFDPH wants the listed people to have severe complications, including death, from the vaccine? Socialists operate that way.

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  1. Maybe white people don’t get monkey pox because they’re privileged – and therefore don’t need it? /s (for people who can’t tell – and there are some around here)

  2. Brings more thoughts beyond just racism.
    I want to know what these particular groups are doing with their junk that makes them so susceptible to monkey pox.
    (or maybe I don’t!)?

  3. Yeah but it does include all of the spectrum apart from straight, which is 100% of the infected from what I have heard. Adding ethnic minorities seems rather irrelevant. If anything it is inviting them to any side effects of the shot.
    Apparently excludes Latinos too – just the woke ‘Latinx’ are included.

  4. I’m white and don’t want or need the monkey jab. I freely give mine away to any person of color, matters not to me.

  5. Asking again…
    When are we going to have that conversation about how the kids and dogs got the monkey pox huh???

  6. Is it my white privilege that makes me not worry about needing a MonkeyPox shot, or is it the fact that I don’t have anal sex with hordes of infected strangers?

  7. Don’t have any sympathy for the willful, twisted situation queers get themselves into, but this is another example of corrupt woke deconstruction.

    Not only do Marxist want “people of color” and those who “identify by gender orientation” eliminated with the current suspicious government jab, they want white people targeted as a threat to socialism and anyone not white and woke. Killing two enemies with one stone.

    The strategy is to force white people to pay for monkey pox shots out of pocket or through insurance because all white people are privileged according to Marxists. Poor whites are just sh** out of luck – or are they? Sex Workers,*(all genders and orientations)” might get a few whites through the woke SF free monkey pox jab door.

  8. How about I don’t take any shot you’re pushing.

    You’ve lost all my trust.

    Consider me in the control group.

    You’re welcome that I volunteer risking my life from your dreadful disease.

    Let’s see who lives longer. I’ll put my life on the line, How about you?

    I am reminded of the story of a woman arguing with a seminar speaker about the risk of acquiring HIV.

    She was arguing for abstinence and he was poo-pooing that idea.

    When they broke for a quick bathroom break he asked everyone to pick up a pamphlet at the table by the door before they re-seat themselves.

    When she got near the table, she heard a loud voice say: “DON’T PICK ONE UP!”, so she didn’t.

    Once seated he announced they had all acquired AIDS once they picked up the common item at the front table. “It’s that simple” said the speaker.

    She stood up and announced:

    “NOT ME!


  9. “a few whites through the woke SF free monkey pox jab door.”

    I grew up in the Silicon Valley. Back when it was full of real business men. That’s a topic for another day but I could write a book on the new woke leaders. When I was there it was stone cold conservative. Anyway, San Fran was 65 minutes away up 280. Or 20 minutes at 150 mph in a pumped up 340 A body with 3:23 gears. Yes, I was that stupid. We use to call it visiting the freak show back in the early 80’s. But back then it was primarily all hetero. I remember my wife, while we were still dating, just totally blown away by some older white guy getting orally serviced by a hooker right out on the street. I think I wrecked that poor Catholic girl. So the problem has always been enforcement of existing laws. And now it’s transitioned into straight up Sodom and Gomorrah.

  10. How about the fudge packers restrain from unprotected sex with multiple anonymous partners for a while. Common sense seems to trigger the LGBtBBQ people.

  11. “And now it’s transitioned into straight up Sodom and Gomorrah.”

    Yeah, It always drifts that way. We must always and forever fight that.

    We were made to push against and resist the worldly flow. The same way working out improves your musculature compared to being lazy and inert. Exactly the same.

    Can’t just float along and do nothing about it without suffering for it.

    Political new-comers need to learn this first.

  12. @Brad: “I think I wrecked that poor Catholic girl”

    I met that Catholic girl the other day. Was having a conversation about the Bay Area where I grew up. Out of the blue she said she was a “recovering Catholic.” So, apparently she’s still recovering. When do you know that you’ve fully recovered from Catholicism? I’m not Catholic. /just wondering BTW, I use to work in SF down on Beale Street in the late 60’s. I’ve seen the changes.

  13. It is highly likely that TPTB are mixing in the poisonous covid mRNA crap with the “monkeypox vaccine”. So rejoice minority fudgepackers. You are officially on the hit list for the globalist depopulation overlord wannabes.


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