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If Beto ran for Asshole King, he’d win in a landslide

Patriot Retort: You know, I’ve been doing this for almost ten years now, and at this point, there isn’t much that can shock and disgust me anymore. But that asshole Robert Francis O’Rourke using an official press conference about the murder of nineteen children to stage a campaign stunt was so repulsive and obscene, it managed to shock and disgust even someone as cynical and jaded as I am.

You’ll notice I have written a single word about this mass murder. As I said, I’ve been doing this for nearly a decade, and over the years, I’ve developed what I call the “Shut the Hell Up” approach to these incidents.

Imagine how much better off we would be as a country if everyone would just join me in shutting the hell up? If all the hot takes froze solid and shattered into a million pieces before they got posted in the press or social media, or spoken from the halls of Congress or the White House podium, we could dial down some of the division that is consuming this country.

I avoided reading news articles about this murderer’s rampage and ignored as much of the insanity as I could when I went on Twitter.

But when Beto pulled his campaign stunt, I saw red. more

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  1. Beto is a product of the democrat culture of filth. His base thinks evil shit like that is “heroic”. And, by his base, I mean stupid old cat ladies who dream of fucking him.

  2. Neto’s father- in-law is William Sanders, a rich, influential big fish in El Pisshole. Beto is an arrogant nothing by himself. He married his success.

  3. If Beto ran for Asshole King, he’d lose even that. The bozo rivals Hillary Clinton as pathetic.

  4. Yep, he’s not just a counter hopping Doofus now. He’s attained a regal status. Can regicide settle this account? Aim for the lowermost brain pan.

  5. Why should Beano GAS about the murders of school children?
    Beano supports abortion on demand, rioting, GULAGs, Death Camps, and all that other socialist bullshit.
    He (probably) perceived the murders as post-partum abortions and an opportunity to further his ambitions.
    Nothing more; nothing less.

    Most people in politics (no, I don’t know most of them, but I read about them) are amoral sociopaths with delusions of godhood – they have no “empathy.”
    Remember Billy Clinton claiming he “feels your pain?”
    Total Bullshit. 100%.
    He was laughing at his audience – at the American people.
    He was an emotional manipulator – same as all diabolical narcissists.

    Beano is another – incapable of human emotions – of pity – of mercy – of compassion – of empathy.
    He knows only lust and ambition. And greed.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  6. This shit head plays well to the likes of bubble headed suicide blonds who spend their time creaming their panties and/or jilling off to the latest Tiger Beat heart throb.


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