“IF” Convicted?

In court, a dumb antifa bint said it’s okay to punch people she identifies as fascists and nazis.

(That sounds like something a nazi or a fascist would say.)

Her lawyer, astoundingly, called what the bint did “self defense.”

In the video we see the man with his hands above his head, displaying to the police that he was vulnerable and not fighting back.

In the leftist world, Michael Brown had his hands up saying “don’t shoot.”And this idiot was “defending herself” against a man who actually had his hands raised over his head.

Who are the fascists?

19 Comments on “IF” Convicted?

  1. The guy getting punched showed an amazing amount of self restraint. It would have been very difficult for me not to have decked her and her cohorts if they were assaulting me that way.

  2. only the fascist left in America can assault citizens and tell them they deserved it because they disagreed with the fascist lefts viewpoint.

    and that’s not fascist ?

    half the country has gone insane, too much fluoride or lead in their water.

    glad I live in flyover country and drink out of a well.

  3. To this woman, his microaggressing words forced her to defend herself by physically assaulting him.

    I truly hate that Antifa pukes are making me defend the rights of new-nazi scum.

  4. Right now Hitlery and Bill and Odinga are wringing thier hands and giggling with each other. Its all going according to plan.

    Until those “so called” KKKers show up in NYC and start killing the homos at CNN and NBC/CBS/ABC on the sidewalks out front, and until the Clintons are hunted down, nothing is really happening from the so called “alt right”.

    That will be the tell tale sign to people that something is really going on and the right is fighting back. Court jesters and actors from the Soros Talent Agency down below in the streets beating one another are for theater. When you see the homos like Anderson, Stepnoplus, Todd, Vlitzer, Lemon, Maddow get scared, you know its real.

  5. This woman should be convicted of a felony and her life will change. Her international travel will be curtailed (for example she won’t be allowed into Canada for some time and then a boatload of paperwork must be completed and approved by Candadian authorities), any application that has the “ever been convicted” box she’s going to have to check for the rest of her life, her teaching ability may be affected as well as lots of other things. Her life will change.
    In any event, the man she and others that so cowardly assaulted ought to sue her in civil court. Given the right Judge and jury (kind of tough in California though) he’d be able to cripple her financially.

  6. It pisses me off that the left controls the narrative. They invent the term alt-right out of thin air, then arbitrarily assign the label to good guys like Steve Bannon, then point to the Nazi thugs in Charlottesville and say “see, alt-right, just like Trump”, meanwhile ignoring the violence by Antifa and BLM, fully endorsed by Obama and the entire democrat party.

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