If Die Hard is a Christmas Movie…

…this is a New Year’s Eve movie-


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  1. Sorry to be a party pooper, but a real tidal wave at sea is not a giant wave – more like a slight bump as it passes underneath the ship.

    But hey – after all, this is Hollywood. Who needs reality?

  2. Zonga Bad Gurl

    Unless a bunch of people were shot, stabbed, burned, or fall to their death, it probably wasn’t a Christmas Movie. What are you thinking?

  3. Guam must have tipped over in that one.

    Other movie candydates:

    “The Day After”
    “The Day After Tomorrow”
    “The Day After Yesterday”
    “The Day After The Day After”
    “The Day After The Day After Yesterday’s Tomorrow”

    Hey, who took the wine bottle?

  4. Is that the only serious role Leslie Nielsen ever played?
    I was expecting him to say “…and don’t call me Shirley…”

  5. The Night Evelyn Came Out Of The Grave is ripe for a remake.

    The Night Hillary Went Into The Grave. For a national holiday date to be determined.

  6. Incredible timing…for the first time in many years we watched Die Hard on Christmas Eve and just finished watching Poseidon, first time I saw that since the original release in 1972 (high school time for me). Not sure I should admit it, but just watched The Matrix for the first time ever last night. Take the red pill baby!

  7. @Vietvet
    There are occasional giant rogue waves out there. My friend was on a troop ship coming back from a med cruise and the got hit with a 100 foot wave with many hurt. It really happens.
    Not the same as a tidal wave tho, they’re not the same thing.

  8. “Hard Left!”

    Is that Navy talk? Well, Maritime talk?

    I thought they said stuff like “Larboard” and “Starboard” and stuff like that …

    izlamo delenda est …

  9. @gin blossom: I know about rogue waves, but in the movie they were supposedly hit by a tidal wave. Also, rogue waves can damage a large ship, but probably not capsize one.

  10. @ Tim,
    Having been a helmsman aboard a US Navy vessel, I can attest to being given “Left full rudder” and “Right full rudder” (and certain degree left or right) orders many, many times.


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