If Diplomats Are Retiring Because of Trump, He Just Won My Vote in 2020


The State Department is self-destructing and Trump is the reason. This according the Julia Ioffe (she’s the woman who was fired from her job at politico over a tweet in which she alleged President Trump had an incestuous relationship with his daughter).

This incident, which has not been previously reported, offers a stark example of the politicization of the foreign service under Trump. It’s also a grim illustration of how the administration—through three years of attempted budget cuts, hiring freezes, and grotesquely personal attacks—has eviscerated the country’s diplomatic corps and put highly sensitive matters of national security in the hands of politically appointed novices. They are people like Gordon Sondland, the Trump donor who became America’s ambassador to the European Union, who is now playing a starring role in the Ukrainian imbroglio that imperils the Trump presidency. It is no accident that impeachment hangs on a matter of diplomacy—and a stand-off between the country’s top foreign policy professionals and the president’s political allies, national security amateurs installed to do Trump’s bidding rather than the country’s.

The “incident” that precipitated the defenestration of this luckless schlub was, allegedly, that he gave a speech to a bunch of Brit college students on the “special relationship” between the US and the UK and managed to work in a fawning anecdote involving the man-god of the left, Barack Obama, and president of Senegal on the subject of homosexual activism. The new ambassador heard of it and sent him packing.

I’d also like to point out that Trump is the president and if diplomats are not doing his bidding, they might being freelancing but they aren’t doing the bidding of the “the country” as “the country” has no independent foreign policy. read more

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  1. I’m sure those same national security “professionals” she frets over were busy protecting us when the towers fell.

  2. Diplomacy: Doing what the swamp wants.

    Politicization: Expecting the State Department to carry out the Policies of the duly elected President.

  3. The President sets foreign policy dumbass.
    So, fail on all levels.
    President Trump Delivers the Winning
    I am writing his name in on every ballot long past 2020

  4. The POTUS should have the authority to fire everyone or anyone, from top to bottom, if they want. Period. Full stop. If the POTUS had that kind authority you can bet the bureaucrats would be excising his will and rating out those above them that were hampering the POTUS’s will.

  5. Whole lotta carefully arranged long-term diplo-grifts got wiped out when Trump won. And now, the diploids who cling on can’t even badmouth America and Americans. Plus the gay flags got hauled down! Who could survive, much less work, in such a hostile environment?

  6. Let’s hope he is pissing off overpaid bureaucrats all over the federal spectrum and they are leaving in droves. All he has to do is put on a hiring freeze and we get instant budget cuts!

  7. If A H Vindman is an example, fire the whole dam bunch of them, backstabbing boot fookers. Start the new year fresh.

  8. Actually a$$ho, it is an example of the DE-politicization of the Foreign Service under The Mighty Trumpster. The President has the power to do this stuff, particularly when the Foreign Service is more interested in supporting foreign countries/governments than carrying out actions that support us US. And…..don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. Also, NO LOBBYING for you.

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