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If He Was White the Cops Wouldn’t Have Shot Hi… Oh. Never Mind.

YouTube – Wagoner police released video showing an officer-involved shooting incident from June. The police chief held a media briefing to explain what happened following a high-speed chase that ended near SW 13th and Polk on June 7. Body-cam footage ends with Wagoner Police Officer Robert Reynolds firing four rounds at Henson, killing him. Officers said the whole thing started as a routine traffic stop.


Chief Bob Haley said a Wagoner County Deputy pulled Henson over, that’s when he found out Henson had a felony arrest warrant out of Mississippi for burglary. Officers say Henson drove off, leading the deputy and two Wagoner police officers on a 20-minute chase with speeds over 100 miles an hour. The chase ended when officers say Henson rear-ended one of the patrol cars and clipped it, causing him to spin out and roll his car.

Wagoner police say Reynolds got out of his car, telling Henson to come out with his hands up, but, they said Henson, instead, hid behind his car. That’s when they say Henson darted out, pointed his hands in the shape of a gun at the officer, telling the officer “you’re going to have to kill me.” Reynolds fired four rounds, thinking Henson had pointed a real gun at him. Haley said his officer followed protocol that day. “Mr. Henson failed to comply with the commands he was given and he reacted to what he perceived,” he said.

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  1. penalty for excessive celebration, 15 yards, to be assessed at kickoff. Penalty for insulting the white cracker, permanent expulsion from my TV.

    Any more, I dont give 2 shits about the NFL. NFL means Not F-n Lookin’ at anymore games.

    Really, my care-o-meter for the Vikings is at a career low. I’m sure my curiosity will get to me at some time, but why bother.

  2. First Commandment — Even if you’re guilty, obey the commands of the police!

    I have many friends that are LEOs and one family member that is a Federal Agent. What they have to go through on a day-to-day basis, with their lives potentially at risk on every call they answer, is so un-imaginable for the average citizen and nonexistent with the LIV population.

    These officers have a split second to decide, “is it them or is it me”.

    I’d rather it me “them”.

  3. Ahh, and what should we expect? A high speed chase, a crash, and threatening gestures.

    Just one more Darwin winner that wouldn’t be passing on any more genes.

  4. Looks like the guy wanted to be shot. Not just with the finger pointing thing, you don’t ram a police car unless you are looking for some serious trouble / possibly death. That is an assault on an officer and it is never overlooked or forgiven. Follow that up with a quick move of your hands and you are dead.

  5. Where is the outrage over the execution of Lavoy Finicum in Oregon?

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