If Hillary wins the government takes over healthcare

There will be single payer.

Obamacare is a disaster. It is not sustainable. Companies are losing billions. The dem solution will not be the capitalistic solution, it will be the socialistic one.

God help us all.

The NHS in Britain is a mess —> http://www.bbc.com/news/health-34775980

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  1. The new American healthcare system? “VA for everybody!”
    (Just as soon as H->illary! figures out how to make the Republicans pass it.

  2. i cannot fathom how one can be a liberal, unless godless, drug-damaged, moronic, perverted, mentally defunct, or all of the above

    somebody explain to me the utopia they envision as the end state

  3. They also take the Senate and the Supreme Court is loaded up with at least two more Constitution hating / destroy the nation leftist.

    We get the government of Detroit, Baltimore and every other failed leftist leadership.

    Buy gold, guns and farm land.

  4. @BFH:

    The dem solution will not be the capitalistic solution…

    Are you implying that the rep solution will be capitalistic?


  5. What’s the difference? If you are uninsured, you still get treated. Why buy insurance? Just go to the emergency room or pay your favorite Doc cash.

    Our debt is already over 100% of GDP. Don’t look back now!

  6. Trump will give us the same thing, he has said so repeatedly.
    Everyone will get covered and the ‘government’ (his words) will pay for it.
    The Bernie supporters listen to what he says, and like it.

  7. hillary’s campaign slogan is “fighting for us”.

    the “us” is not the usa citizen, it’s “us” as in , hillary and bill.

    see now it makes sense.

  8. What has the GOP done to stop it so far? What makes you think the GOP would not do the same thing? Seriously. Based on actions, what is the difference between these two groups on the Federal level?

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