“If humankind doesn’t take down the #CCP, it will release more viruses”

I’m trusting this translation.

ht/ woody

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  1. I love that he’s giving this speech from aboard his mega-yacht! And, no, I don’t begrudge him that…at all. More power to him.
    And he’s right, 100%
    Sat Cong!

  2. So……… billionaire on private yacht wants peasants to wipe out Communism.

    You know my Grandmother had tea with the D.A.R. when they hosted Madame Chiang Hai-Sheck. It was pretty much the same speech.

  3. I have no doubt more viruses are planned since this one has effectively destroyed the world economy and it is still ongoing.

  4. The Bible talks about these viruses…
    Something about “end times”.

  5. The CCP owns a lot of America’s politicians, including Dianne Feinstein, and most of the democrat party.

    The CCP also owns most of America’s news media and hollywood.

    The CCP also owns most of America’s educational system.

    Given all that, it is a salute to the American people that we still have a nation.

  6. Wasn’t Amnesia Joe Obiden Bama caught with an open mike telling Premier Zhou Enlia to tell Chairman Mao that Baracky would have more flexibility after the election? I seem to recall Joey telling that story around the swimming pool back when he was a life guard.

  7. I have a theory.
    For the latter part of 2019, the world witnessed huge anti-regime protests in the streets from the Chinese populace demanding Freedom and Democracy in keeping with the west. The free world cheered them on, sending encouraging messages across the internet from many countries. Surely this did not please the government.
    Multiple firebombs and looting incidents occurred almost every day for 6 months. The hoi polloi would not back down and ramped up their anger to the point of threats en masse to CCP officials.
    Could the regime have developed this bug to quell the militant protests? The government already has no respect for life. There have been whole families who disappeared in the middle of the night and ones who knew them dare not ask a single question.
    But by this tactic, and because of the huge numbers, they could force the masses to stay inside in quarantine for fear of sickness and death. The streets were emptied and mission accomplished. Only problem was that airline travel brought a lot of those nationals here and elsewhere.

  8. Told to me by my Drunken Roommate in Hollywood. He was (thankfully straight and a really decent guy) an heir to a vast fortune and the happiest drunk in the world.
    He sailed his boat during the summer. He told me he met an old Norwegian sailor in a dive bar in Norfolk. They talked and the talk led to politics (it was the ’80s). The old Norwegian puffed his pipe and told my friend: (beware I am paraphrasing a conversation from ’86’)
    “The Russians, Pah! Fooking imbeciles. Now you want to know who to watch out for: The Fooking Chinee! Gott Dam Ants they are! They will kill a million of their own just to kill you. They don’t give a shit! They will attack you because they are told you have food and they are starving! Gott Dam Ants”

  9. America was much better with a unified goal to eliminate communism. Now we’re too busy trying to figure out which bathroom to use. We should either embrace isolationism or destroy communism. We can’t have freedom in a global economy where communism exists.

  10. Hantavirus can kill within 48 hours. Plenty of nasty rats around. But it can’t infect tons of people because it kills so quickly. And oh yeah.
    Sat Cong!

  11. “America was much better with a unified goal to eliminate communism. Now we’re too busy trying to figure out which bathroom to use…”

    The only reason we’re trying to figure out what bathroom to use is because we had a communist as a president, commmunists in our educational system, our entertainment, our news and communists making everything we use – including our medicines.


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