If I Could Show You What Communism Is

CFP: This is a wake-up call for young and old Americans, wearing Che Guevara t-shirts, Mao’s hammer and sickle t-shirts, holding “I support socialism” posters, and proudly displaying Hillary and Bernie bumper stickers, the ole Bernie who hates capitalism so much that he accepts political donations from evil capitalists, drives expensive cars, and owns and lives in pricey homes most of his supporters cannot afford.

If I could show young people today what communism is, those clamoring for socialism and communism to be brought to American shores, those who are tired of capitalism because they are so fat and happy, they want the challenge of poverty and want, the challenge of the communist code-speak of “social justice” and “egalitarianism,” I would send them to Cuba, Venezuela, and North Korea for a few months so that they could experience first-hand what the utopia they see as paradise is like.

If I could show young Americans the rotten socialist countries that illegal aliens have fled, the same illegals who are now giving us the finger, burning and stomping our American flag, boldly waving their flags, the total disaster they have made of their countries, while demonizing our successful America that generously put them on welfare ahead of our veterans, perhaps you might see reality.

I would ask them to come with me to see where I grew up, the cinder block grimy apartments that are still standing today. The entrance and stairwell are unchanged; the damage from the 1977 earthquake is still visible, reinforced concrete pieces dangling on the side like loose teeth. The lives of ordinary people, the proletariat, are mostly unchanged too.  more here

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  1. I’d rather just shoot the stupid commie lovin’ bastards and be done with it.

    To hell with ‘showing them’ the evils of communism and social justice.

  2. It’s been said; one cannot argue with an idiot. How painfully true I have found that to be. But what do I know, I’m just whatever nasty shit they’re calling me today.

  3. Communism is an oligopoly: rules made by the few for the many. The few are the very wealthy who live like kings. The masses work all day and barely get by. If you complain at work, you are met by the complaint Dept. Taken outside the city and killed.

  4. @ Hambone – sounds like a new t-shirt for me. You should market it!

    I am wondering that he was a closet type…but Marxist history would never expose that of course…


  5. It would have been nice to hear about the country the author came from. Only at the very end do you find out she was from Romania.

  6. I have two friends that lived with communism in different parts of the world. They tell the same story. People in power take advantage of those that are not. Ugly side of human nature.

  7. The thing is the people trying to push this are so egotistical that they think everyone else has just done it wrong.
    That they’re the ones who will so it right.
    At least the rank and file useful idiots think that.
    The politicians see it as a way to enrich themselves. They are after all the smarter ones who have been given the gift of intellect and they need all those vacation homes and expensive cars.


    Ditto. Get the ditches ready, because if and when this commie insurgency gets out of hand to be personal, it’s them first or us. No quarter. That’s what history teaches.


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