If I Were the Devil – Paul Harvey (2019 version)

Paul Harvey’s 1965 speech redux, now with imagery.

ht/ fdr in hell

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  1. It’s late. This is probably awesome. I’ll catch it tomorrow. mean while, buy a gun, learn how to use it. That includes you FUR.

  2. he was on my parent’s radio in the kitchen every weekday at lunchtime
    now I’m hearing ‘intelligence for your life’ not necessarily bad but it can’t compare with Paul Harvey Good Day!

  3. I watched it. It’s coming, cities first (it’s already there), suburbs all ready entrenched, rural is next. Beans, bullets and bandaids. It’s moving in on us fast, we shall see….Just a displacement of 30,000+ people has sent our community up on end. Putting people here and there without any kind of law enforcement. People here talking about stopping people who are walking on the streets and roads where they live or why are they here! WTF! I told them they were crazy because they might get a gun or a knife in their face. I’m the bad one for saying it. Well “F” you, I ain’t on your side! Come on my property and be escorted out in a wheelbarrow or buried with a backhoe, take your pick.

  4. What I found hopeful at the end of the video was Satan realizing he LOST, given the context of that scene.

  5. “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

    The Rebel will pay for his rebellion.
    The opportunistic politician profits from the Rebel’s sacrifice.
    It took us 100 years (more or less) for this level of rot to take this much effect.
    Have we another 100 years to fix it?

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. I miss Paul Harvey, he was on every noon at my dad’s gas station when I worked for my dad always preceded by the playing of the national anthem back in the 60’s. I listened to him when I moved to Portland in 1971 and on board the USS Kitty Hawk at meal times on Armed Forces radio and all through the years till he died in early 2009 at the age of 92 or thereabout just after barry became President. I don’t know what he would’ve thought of obummer because he always had a good word for everyone or what has happened to this great country since he died 10 years ago. He was an eternal optimist, I miss The Rest Of The Story and dumb criminal of the day news etc. Him and Vin Scully have had 2 of the longest runs on radio ever from the early 50’s all the way up to the present. You were a great man Paul and I still miss listening to you everyday.

  7. Yeah, but we have Rap now so we’re good right?
    Note- civility is a paper thin eggshell, keep your powder dry.


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