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If It’s Brown, Flush It Down

The return of 80s sitcom “Murphy Brown” got off to an unsteady start with a cameo appearance of presidential also ran, Hillary Clinton. I’m not sure which is more painful to watch, an aged Candace Bergen putting on airs like she’s still relevant or the wooden acting of Hillary Clinton when she’s not lying to the cameras. More

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  1. Aren’t angry liberals just so cute. When they don’t run the world into the ground they use TV and movies to remind us how lucky we are they aren’t in charge.

  2. The article is right. Watch us see more cameos from Clinton and the like. They do this out of spite towards the American people.

  3. Was her black medical handler on set? I wonder if she left a shoe as she left? Would have watched if she took a Dick Van Dyke tumble over an ottoman or something.

  4. Just like me, Murphy Brown is over the hill. The difference is, I realize that I’m not fantastic anymore… they don’t.

  5. I watched the premiere, just to see it. Writing was pretty good, actors were pretty good (a lot better than the Roseanne cast, frankly). Killary actually did a decent and funny cameo. Nice tribute to Eldin (Pastorelli killed himself long ago), not sure what happened with the Jim Dial character, Kimbrough probably too old to do it. But they have nowhere to go. The ratings will die and then the show will end.

  6. Up Monday, Magnum P.I. I don’t know if Hollywood has lost it’s ability to create or did they do so much virtue signaling that they are afraid to.

  7. @Tim – I watched the Magnum premiere too. It was bad, no chance. Too much copying the old while trying to somehow be different. At least Murphy Brown is the same people just picking up years later.
    And I was surprised to see the change in Lethal Weapon but it seems ok, I did a little research and discovered that the actor playing Riggs was fired for being a violent jerk. They did well to replace him with a different character, similar but able to create his own story.

  8. ANOTHER political show bashing Trump.

    Good thing I don’t watch t.v. otherwise I might have to ignore this like I am doing now.

  9. Eddie Koch:


    “It was during one of those drought years that I was assigned to the studio that Mayor Koch was being interviewed in, about what people should do during the drought.

    He explained that they all should report water main leaks. Fire hydrants should only be used to cool people with city approved sprinkler caps to conserve water. It was very important to save water. Short Showers are to be taken.

    He was then asked what to do about flushing commodes during the crisis, his famous answer was “If it’s yellow let it mellow, if it’s Brown flush it down.”

    Ed Keegan.

  10. Lol! I had to google Candace Bergen… first thing that pops up?

    Candace Bergen MEGA DONOR TO CLINTON.


  11. Her Dad had his hand stuffed up a puppet’s ass for a paycheck,,, yeah, she is so talented. From her Dad’s hand to Hillary s, What a talent!

  12. If Ernie and Bert are supposedly gay what does that make Charlie McCarthy and Mortimer Snerd? A couple of wood homos. The left would’ve destroyed them as well if only they could’ve, just because to confuse the little kiddos. And you couldn’t make fun of Mortimer Snerd anymore even though he was an obvious retard. DUH, YUP!

  13. Couldn’t stand the show the first time around. Does she have someone’s hand up her fat A$$ making her mouth the words like her father did with Mortimore Snerd?

  14. The Left never learn. LOLOLOL!

    Last Man Standing ratings through the roof;

    https://variety.com/2018/tv/news/last-man-standing-ratings-fox-1202962065/ .

    Murphy Brown ratings hit that imaginary feminist glass ceiling and bounced back down with a thud;

    https://variety.com/2018/tv/news/murphy-brown-ratings-cbs-1202960511/ .

    Only hiccup with “Last Man Standing” the replacement for Mandy (original actress in the role is a leftist activist) miss cast.
    I give “Murphy Brown” six months – maybe a year.

  15. “It doesn’t help matters when prime-time TV has Murphy Brown, a character who supposedly epitomizes today’s intelligent, highly paid professional woman, mocking the importance of fathers by bearing a child alone and calling it just another lifestyle choice.”–Dan Quayle

    Now I see why the old hag is still obsessed with Dan Quayle today. History has proven him right.

  16. Just took a very pleasant Murphy Brown,, like I did 30 years ago,,TMI, BTW,the best part was Eldon and he OD’d sorry for the spoiler,

  17. This was 1 of Ron’s campaign slogans from ’66.

    More effectieve weer the slogans refering to Brown’s graft!

  18. Watched the Hitlery scene. The only good thing I can say is that I rolled my eyes so much, I’m no longer cock-eyed!

  19. Greg Cougar
    ‏ @NonLiberalPAer
    Sep 30

    “To the producers of #MurphyBrown, if I wanted to watch the hilarious story of an old, bitter, drunk woman, I’d replay the 2016 presidential election.”


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